Driving in Mexico: Speeding Ticket


Mexican Insurance?  Check.  Fast car?  Check.  Lead Foot?  uh-oh.  Getting a ticket in Mexico is not a good thing.

All Rosarito police officers in December 2009 began issuing bilingual tickets for traffic infractions.  This will allow out-of-area visitors as well as others the option of paying fines by mail.

Both Tourist and Municipal Police will issue these new tickets to any motorist who commits an infraction within city jurisdiction. They list amounts for each offense and the fines can be paid by mail.

Motorists still have the option of appealing a ticket.

The procedure does not apply to other parts of Baja or other departments.  For example, Federal or State police, who might make a traffic stop on highways under their jurisdiction within Rosarito.

Police agencies implement procedures on an individual basis, including the bilingual ticket.

Hugo Torres, Mayor of Rosarito, Baja California

“This will make it less confusing and easier to pay traffic fines.  Especially for our out-of-area visitors,” said Mayor Hugo Torres. “Before it was necessary to follow an officer to a station to pay the fine. In most cases, you can now simply mail in the fine.”  He continued, “A mexico traffic ticket can never be paid directly to an officer. We ask that people report to us the name and badge number of any officer that requests that they do so, or any that does not offer them the option of receiving a bilingual ticket.”

This bilingual traffic ticket in Mexico is one of the many efforts to make Rosarito a more attractive tourist destination.

“This year alone we have started a special tourist police force office for visitor assistance.  This tourist policy has 400 volunteers for a citizens’ watch program in our tourist area” said Laura Wong, president of the Rosarito Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“Partly because of this a busy Spring Break, Memorial Day, July Fourth and the Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride went smoothly and without any serious incident involving any of our many visitors,” she said.  Having Mexican insurance with mexinsurance is a great way to protect your vehicle and your experience in Mexico – but ALWAYS drive safe.

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