La Navidad

La Navidad – or Christmas. Eighty percent of Mexicans are Catholic. So at this time of year, it’s no surprise that just about every village and town from Baja to the Yucan celebrate Christmas.

La Navidad, Mexican Christmas festivities start on December 12, with the feast of La Guadalupana (Virgin of Guadalupe). La Navidad ends on January 6, with the Epiphany.

Las Posadas Mexico
Las Posadas Pinata

La Navidad – Las Posadas

Traditions over the years are becoming more American but for the most part, they remain the same. It starts with Las Posadas, the 9-day celebration that celebrates Mary and Joseph looking for accommodation to have their baby. It begins on December 16 and ends on December 24. During this time the church will select host families to invite people into their home for fiestas. Where everyone will eat and celebrate Christmas

The remaining days through the New Year are typical La Navidad. The birth of Christ on the 25th, followed by those moments immediately following his birth.

Why Poinsettia? Is it from Mexico?

Yes. The red poinsettia (which the Aztecs called cuetlaxochitl) originated in Mexico and is named after Joel Roberts Poinsett. Joel Poinsett was the first United States ambassador to Mexico in the 1820s. He is responsible for introducing the Poinsettia as a Navidad plant.

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