La Fonda

Surfer girl in La Fonda Baja
Surfer Girl in Baja

La Fonda Surf Spot in North Baja Mexico. Surfing isn’t all about catching the biggest waves or doing the coolest tricks. In fact, the sport has always been about having fun and chilling with your friends. That’s exactly what the Baja beach at La Fonda offers: good waves, and good times. There are a couple of restaurants to grab a cheap bite to eat at when the sun starts to set.

There are not a ton of locals that surf here. Actually, there isn’t usually a ton of anybody at all. It’s a relatively quiet beach near Rosarito Mexico only 10 miles south of San Diego/Tijuana. An abundance of nicely shaped waves makes sharing and divvying up the swells easy.

Beach Break – North Baja

Speaking of the swells, they form from a good shape for a beach break. They come in from both the right and left sides. They also tend to be a bit mushy and sometimes break too early. However, they’re fast and powerful so you can ride the right one for a long way.

La Fonda
La Fonda

The waves at La Fonda are all good-size. The best waves are about shoulder high (four feet). Occasionally you see head-high (five feet). The head high waves are powerful, remember this is a shallow beach break. If you’re a beginner you might want to watch – there are no lifeguards. Other than that, the waves at La Fonda work well for beginners and experts alike.

Baja Surf Map
Baja Surf Map

Getting to La Fonda

It costs $5 to park at La Fonda. The views from the parking lot alone worth the small fee. The lot is on top of a steep cliff with ocean views up and down the coast. Getting your first glimpse of the waves from the vantage point is inspiration enough for a strong day of surfing. If you’re planning a multiple day surfing trip you can camp overnight at La Fonda for $7. The crowd at the campground is usually cheery and friendly – there are good vibes all around.

La Fonda is at the 58 KM on the Mexico toll road in Baja. To reach it you should take the Alisitos exit and follow Old Highway 1 (Mexico 1-Libre). You’re looking for the “La Fonda Campground”. The day parking lot is also located at the campground.  If you’re into surfing, your Mexico surf trip should include La Fonda in Baja.

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