Invalidating Your Mexican Insurance 

When we issue insurance policies for drivers who are Mexico bound, we always counsel them to make sure they understand the exceptions. Mexico driving insurance is thorough and provides drivers with peace of mind but there are exceptions. You could invalidate your Mexican insurance policy in the following situations:

Invalidating My Mexican Driving Insurance?  


Mexico’s beaches and backways beckon adventure enthusiasts, but your Mexican insurance policy is not so adventuresome. If you choose to take your vehicle off of Mexico’s conventional roadways, you are not covered for damages. Your Mexican insurance policy does not cover you if you drive your vehicle on beaches or dunes.

Letting Your Teen Take the Wheel 

Mexico features immense stretches of open road. You need permission to use your car for instruction. Moreover, a driving permit may not be recognized by Mexican authorities should you and your teen get pulled over.

Tide / Flood exceptions

Mexico’s coast is one of its most popular natural attractions. However, it’s important to be mindful about the incoming tide. If the tide comes in and causes damage to your vehicle, it won’t be covered by your policy. If you’re concerned about flooding, talk to our agents about possibly expanding your policy or getting more clarification about vehicle water damage.

Damage from Hauling exceptions 

If you tow a vehicle, trailer, RV, ATV – whatever it is – you must list it. Even if you don’t want to include value damage for the vehicle as part of the towing vehicle’s insurance. It’s important because when you attach a trailer, you change the vehicle that’s towing it. Also important that you do not exceed weight limits when towing. Check your hitch and your vehicle ratings for tow limits. If your truck can’t tow more than 4,000 but you hooked up an 8,000-pound Bobcat with a 1500 pound trailer, your claim can be denied. There is a reason manufacturers put these limits on your vehicle. It’s in the door jam, and in your manual, and you can find out online. Add the weights, and check your vehicle’s towing capacity.


If you use your vehicle to race, you will invalidate your coverage should damage ensue. Mexican car insurance policy does not cover racing.

Be sure that you understand your policy in full before driving into Mexico. Talk to us if you are concerned about any of the exceptions to the policy. We may be able to add an addendum to your policy to ensure you get the coverage you need when you’re traveling across the border.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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