Interesting Activity Tijuana -> Tecate by Tourist Train

Locals know of it, but few tourists are aware of the Tijuana-Tecate Not-so-Express, an 18mph passenger train that cruises from the Garcia station in Tijuana (between Simon Bolivar and Diaz Ordaz boulevards in the Los Pinos neighborhood) 42 miles to the Tecate station on Defensores de Baja Califonia Boulevard in the La Vinita neighborhood just behind the city’s famous Tecate brewery.

The history of the train is an interesting one. Originally built by John D Spreckels as part of the San Diego and Arizona Railways in 1908. 3 years into construction, plans were interrupted due to the Mexican Revolution. In 1970 the Mexican government bought the right of way for the Tijuana-Tecate railway from the American company and in 2000 the federal government of Mexico assigned the railway to the state government of Baja California for a 50-year period.

Tickets are between 150 and 300 pesos ($12-$24). FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO

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