Innovadora Tijuana

Calderon at Innovadora
Calderon speaks at Innovadora

For the next two weeks, from October 7th through October 21st, Tijuana is hosting the “Innovadora 2010” conference. For all fans of Tijuana, Baja or Mexico, in general, this is a very exciting event showcasing the future of Tijuana. A quote from President Felipe Calderon, “Tijuana gives Mexico hope” pointing to the lead against crime and adaptation of cultural enhancement and growth.

In addition to the President of Mexico, other high profile keynote speakers include Former vice president Al Gore, the richest man in Mexico Carlos Slim, Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs, Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, and Neri Oxman. In addition, Charles Lundy from Mexico Insurance Services, Inc, also known as will be in attendance as a speaker for the “Seguros del Futuro” event.

For more information and ticket information go to the expo website at the Innovadora website.

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