Process a Mexican Insurance Refund at

Process a mexican insurance refund at by following these instructions below.

When you login to your account you might see an indicator on your dashboard for new credit.  There are several reasons or cause for account credits.

Mexican Insurance Credit

You must cancel Daily Mexican Insurance PRIOR to policy start date/time.

What is “short rate?”

Often confused with the common U.S. insurance term “pro-rate”. “Short-Rate” is the calculation employed to determine a refund on a terminated mexican insurance policy. This is what it looks like:

Premium Amount Paid – (Days Used x Daily Rate) = Short Rate

Example: Client paid $250 for Annual Mexican Insurance, then cancels the policy after 2 days. In this example, the Short Rate is $25.00 and the refund credit is $225.

$250 – (2 x $12.50) = $225

If you cancel an Annual or Semi-Annual policy PRIOR to start, you will be charged a termination fee but the remainder will be listed as an account credit within your account. You will essentially receive a full refund on premium and only pay the fee since the insurance was never in effect.

In this scenario since no insurance was used, full refund minus broker fee will be available for credit.

If you cancel a Annual or Semi Annual AFTER the policy starts, then you will be charged a short-rate (daily rate) for the days used, and if there is a balance left over you will have that balance listed in your account as a Credit

If you make a change to your policy that results in the premium is lower, then that amount can be listed as a credit in your account

So how do you get this mexican insurance refund back onto your credit card?  Follow these steps:

1.  Login and see the Credits tab with an indicator that you have a mexican insurance credit

2.  Click on the Credits tab and see the pending mexican insurance Credit, then click the button

3.  Validate your information, enter the credit card, and submit to finish

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