Honeymoon Destinations Mexico

No matter what season you get married, Mexico is a perfect choice for your honeymoon.  The resorts and luxury hotels of the most popular vacation spots are world-class. And the surrounding attractions offer something of interest for every type of couple.  From snorkeling excursions to whale watching trips, zip-line rides to horseback riding. Mexico is a spectacular choice for newlyweds looking for sunshine, warmth, and a romantic backdrop to their trip.

Destinations Mexico: Cozumel

The crystal waters off Cozumel attract honeymooners and pleasure seekers the world over.  If you dream of a seaside honeymoon with sunshine and sand, the delights of Cozumel are exceptional.  Scuba and snorkeling are some of the most popular activities on the water. But, sunbathing and enjoying cocktails from the terraces of world-class hotels or private villas are too!  As Mexico’s largest Caribbean island, Cozumel grows considerably with amenity-rich developments with tourists in mind. And yet there remains pristine beaches and gorgeous natural scenery perfect for couples to explore.

Olas altas en Mazatlán Mexico
Olas altas en Mazatlán Mexico

Destinations Mexico: Mazatlan

This Sinaloa ocean-side city on the Pacific born in 1531.  Today it is a beautiful and vibrant destination that offers the beach attractions many couples crave. In addition, there exists a cultural side of a city filled with theatre, art, tradition, and colonial architecture.  In this way, it’s the perfect place to spend a honeymoon.  Have breakfast on the veranda of an outdoor café and go cliff diving in the afternoon. Or see a music or dance performance at the Teatro Angela Peralta in the evening to top off your night.  With the world’s longest Malecon (seaside boardwalk) in the world, it’s no wonder so many couples flock to Mazatlan for its romantic atmosphere and scenic splendor.

Arcos Los Cabos
Arcos Los Cabos

Destinations Mexico: Los Cabos

The southern coast of the Baja Peninsula is an enchanting region where sand dunes meet two bodies of water—the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.  There are many luxury resorts of Los Cabos.  Many couples

enjoy basking in the spas of this locale for outdoor massages or rejuvenating saunas.  While there is plenty of beach-lounging to be done here as well as all manner of water sport, there are also great activities to do on land like horseback riding, hiking, and even off-roading for couples that are up for that!

Destinations Mexico: Acapulco

Situated in the state of Guerrero, Acapulco is located on the Pacific Ocean and has long been a favorite Mexican destination for honeymooners and vacationers.  The captivating beaches of Acapulco are complemented by its mountainous terrain.  This unique geography alone is worth exploring.  Yet honeymooners will find it hard to tear themselves away from the luxury spas, resorts, and restaurants of this tourist-friendly city.  The city’s Art Deco hotels are romantic venues that are reminiscent of the city’s heyday as a Hollywood getaway.  Acapulco continues to be a haven for the glamorous as well as for couples looking to enjoy a bit of Mexico’s version of paradise.

If you are planning a honeymoon, consider any of these renowned locations.  Moreover, because each promises venues to suit a myriad of budget considerations, these are truly ideal honeymoon destinations!

If you plan to drive to Guerrero, make sure you purchase a FULL Territory Mexican Insurance policy at Acapulco, Guerrero are not within the Limited Territory range.

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