Mexican Home Insurance Application Guide

This guide is prepared to assist in filling out the application for a quote, online through NFP/IIG and GNP at

Primary InsuredThe name should match what is listed on the title/deed to the property. Do not enter more than one entity’s name. Mexico law recognizes married couples as one entity so list either of the married party’s names as long as they are listed on the title.
Preferred Beneficiary EndorsementThis is required to add additional named insureds, co-owners, trusts, lienholders, etc
Property TypeEligible: Single Family Homes, Condos/Townhomes
Not Eligible: Multi-family dwellings (duplex, triplex, etc) or commercial property (apartment buildings, bed & breakfast, etc)
Postal CodeFind your property postal code at
Construction Qualitysee table below
ExteriorStucco, Vinyl PaintBrickStone FacadeMarble, Polarized Glass
FloorTile, Vinyl TileLow Quality CarpetQuality Carpet, Ceramic TileMarble or Granite, Fine Rugs
WallsStucco, or plaster and paintKnockdown, Vinyl Paints, WallpaperDecorative Plaster, Good Quality, Ceramic or Wood TrimImported Wood Trim, Upholstery Fabrics, Mirrors, Textured Plaster
BathroomsMinimal and AustereMedium Quality White Fixtures, TileGlazed Ceramic Coatings, Marble colored Fixtures, Marble, GraniteImported and Decorated Ceramics, Quality Mirrors, Textured Plaster
Window FramesThing Gauge GlassDouble PaneTwo Inch wide Aluminum FramesGreater Than Two Inch Wide Aluminum Frames
Door LocksCommonMedium QualityHigh Quality or ImportedHigh Security Plates, Imported, Controlled Key Reproduction, Digital system or Magnetic Access
CarpentrySimple Doors and Closets, Pine or EquivalentVarnished Pine WoodImported or Exotic Woods (Cedar, Mahogany, or Similar) closets with Quality FittingsFine Wood Doors, Specialty Designed Closets, Fine Wood, High Quality Fittings
Primary UseChoose either Owner Occupied or Rented to Others – no difference in cost but Rented to Others will automatically add coverage for Loss of Rental Income and Rental Liability
Theft Prevention MeasuresDiscounts:
Controlled Access with 24-hour Security: 10%
Certified Central Alarm System: 15%
Both: 24%
None: –
Building Replacement CostThis never includes the value of the land. Replacement cost is based on the estimated cost to rebuild the structure (materials and labor)
Glass Breakage CoverageThe limit should be based on the cost to replace all exterior and interior glass, including sliding glass doors, windows, glass block, mirrors, stained glass, etc.
Loss of UseReimbursement for up to 6 months of lodging expenses or loss of rental income
Debris RemovalCoverage for the expense of demolition, clean up and disposal
Value of Personal PropertyInclude the value of furniture and furnishings, appliances, electronic equipment, and other contents.
Theft CoverageSelect the portion of personal property to be covered. Example coverage for electronics, jewelry, and artwork. Jewelry and art have $1,000 sublimity so more expensive items require a special endorsement
LiabilityWe recommend at least $300,000 for liability but if you are renting out your property you might consider more.

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