History of Riverside, California

Riverside, California’s unique history has helped to shape California’s entire citrus industry. Many communities surrounding Riverside were built on former ranches, which is the case for Riverside. However, when John North and some of the other settlers arrived in Riverside they brought a lot of Eastern cultural traditions with them.

Riverside CA
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They founded Riverside, California in 1870, and they set up a polo field and a golf course there. Those sorts of recreational centers were not found in Southern California previously, but these settlers were quickly able to change the area the moment that they arrived. They also started planting orange trees locally a mere year later.

It only took a couple of years for there to be a thriving citrus industry in Southern California for the first time. It’s true that Southern California has a climate that is perfect for these sorts of tropical fruits. However, not all of them naturally occur in this area or many of the others. In some cases, the people who were familiar with them managed to bring them there, and that’s the case in this instance. By 1882, over half a million citrus trees were growing in California.

There was more and more demand for fresh fruits and vegetables towards the end of the nineteenth century. Health and medical experts were becoming more prominent, and many of them were starting to stress the importance of consuming a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Previously, it was more common for people in the nineteenth century to focus upon eating more meat and corn. There was not as much demand for fruit, because it had a tendency to spoil very quickly. It was traditionally very difficult to store, and it was the sort of thing that only the very wealthy could afford.

It still took some time for fruit to become as affordable as it is today. However, improvements in refrigeration technology made it possible for people to transport fresh fruit around the country, including the sorts of fresh fruit that can only thrive in the Southern California climate.

Refrigeration technology also made it possible for people within the US to be able to eat more fresh fruit on a regular basis. It led to more interested in oranges and other citrus fruits, which helped to make Southern California more prosperous in general. Riverside, California was developed with a great deal of planning involved, which is clear to anyone who visits today.

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