The History of Irvine, California

There are plenty of famous cities in Orange County, California, and Irvine, California is a prominent example. While the city itself did not officially become incorporated until 1971, the area has a much more detailed and extensive history.

A map of Irvine, California

Archaeologists have found rock shelters and different campsites that suggest that people were living in modern-day Irvine as far back as 18,000 years ago. The Gabrielino people settled there around 2,000 years prior. Irvine, California was then settled by a group of Spanish explorers led by Gaspar de Portola in 1769.

The current Spanish king set up land grants for both missions and private land. Things changed in the early nineteenth century, after the Mexican War of Independence. The Mexican government then had access to the landholdings and the missions. Mexican citizens could soon apply for land grants of their own.

Soon afterward, most of the land that forms Irvine, California today was used as part of three different horse and cattle ranches. These ranches were legally the property of the Flint and Bixby families, as well as the Irvine family. However, the land eventually became associated with the Irvine family only, because James Irvine bought the other two ranches in 1878. The area became known as the Irvine Ranch, which had a surface area of over 110,000 acres.

A picture taken at Irvine Ranch during a nice sunny day

The Irvine family made good use of the Irvine Ranch, as they started to produce agricultural products like barley, oranges, avocados, and olives. Railroad systems started expanding into the area during the late nineteenth century, with the Santa Fe Railroad helping to link Irvine Ranch with the rest of the broader area. It was then possible to start profitable organizations like the Irvine Company, and new towns started to form.

More than half a century later, the events of World War Two helped to indirectly influence the history of Irvine, California. The Irvine Company was able to sell land to the American government so they could set up a couple of Marine Corps air facilities there.

The University of California would go on to have an effect on the Irvine area. They wanted a campus in Irvine, and the Irvine Company sold more than 1,000 acres to make that happen. Soon, residential areas started to appear, and new commercial and industrial centers were created. By 2015, Irvine had more than 250,000 residents, and it may have nearly 100,000 new residents in twenty years.

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