Instead of advertising our program, we offer a mexinsurance membership program. Therefore only existing clients can share mexinsurance to their closest friends and family. Sharing your mexinsurance membership with friends and family not only help you keep peace of mind, knowing they have good insurance. It also helps your friends and family avoid the search for a reputable and working mexican insurance agency. There are almost too many options available with confusing names all aimed at capturing them for profit. In sharing your link and membership with your family here, you make sure they get good mexican insurance coverage from an online brokerage that has been around since 2003! And no matter what happens in Mexico, they will be OK.

share mexinsurance membership

When we make sure to refer only those most trusted friends and familym we will be able to enjoy high-quality Mexican insurance program at the best rates possible. The problem for most insurance companies is rising premiums, the result of many factors including insurance fraud. If we can keep out the frauds, we all benefit.

Therefore, we make sharing your membership is easy as point, click and send. Follow the video below for step by step.

A client in good standing can initiate new Mexinsurance membership. To extend an invitation, an existing client sends an invitation through their account.  All new members must have a valid “referred id”.  This referred id is easy to get by using this simple “invitation” tool in the personal settings tab of the clients portal account.