Mexican Roadside Assistance

Mexican Roadside Assistance

AVQ – Roadside Assistance in Mexico

Every policy sold at automatically includes AVQ. A comprehensive Mexican Roadside Assistance package

AVQ – Asistencia Vial Qualitas (means “Mexican Roadside Assistance”), a complete mexican roadside help program. It was designed only for clients in 2015.  Designed to assist tourists, the AVQ package provides protection against some of your biggest fears.

Click on the icon below to see the complete list of mexican roadside assistance features. We requested the following specifics, which are all subject to the Terms and Conditions

  • Roadside – Gas, Oil, Battery Charge or Boost, Tire Change
  • Tow Truck – 50 Miles near the border or 125 miles outside the border zones.
  • Locksmith – For key lockout.
  • Taxi – for breakdown or tow truck usage.
  • Ambulance –
  • Medical Transfer – Ground/air ambulance, or commercial flight
  • Return to the US or Canada due to accident or illness.
  • Hotel Stay due to a traffic accident or illness.
  • Air ticket for a companion due to a traffic accident or illness.
  • Hotel and Food if vehicle not available or operable.
  • Car rental or travel expense if the car breaks down or is stolen.
AVQ at
All insurance includes the following AVQ

As a result, the Mexican Roadside Assistance map below shows the difference between “Mile 0” and “Travel”. In the chart above Mile 0 is within 20 miles of the border ad “Travel” is beyond that. Mile 0