Mexican Insurance Claims

Mexican Insurance Claims

How to file a Mexican Insurance Claim with Qualitas

Mexican Insurance Claims Process – step by step

  1. First, regardless of fault, call the Mexican Insurance Claims Hotline immediately. If you neglect to report the incident immediately you may nullify your claim.
    1. From Mexico with International Dialing on your US cell phone dial: (55) 5258 2880
    2. From Mexico from Mexican Land Line or Mexican Cell phone dial:  01-800-288-6700 or 01-800-800-2880
    3. If you are in an area where you receive US cellular signal you can also call the US hotline number which routes to Mexico: 1-866-317-0105
  2. Second, wait for the Mexican Insurance Claims Adjuster to arrive at the scene
    1. Give the copy of your Mex-Insurance Declaration Page
    2. Do not make agreements with the third party, let Quálitas handle the settlement 
    3. Quálitas will take photos and assess the damage
    4. If you are arrested (at-fault) Quálitas will send staff lawyer* 
    5. If medical assistance is required, Quálitas will send medical transport*
  3. Finally, the mexinsurance claims adjuster will finish the evaluation. He/she will provide any help needed and before leaving the scene will give you his/her contact information and a claim number.
    1. If the claim involves a rental vehicle, send the claim number and assigned adjuster information to your rental company as soon as possible.

Filing a Mexican Insurance Claim in Mexico can be stressful. You are already under stress because of the accident but the idea behind having insurance is that someone will be there to make you whole. AS soon as possible.

Paying for Claims

Most people ask about having the vehicle repaired in the United States so here is our take on this.

First of all, the Mexican Insurance company, no matter which company you insure through, wants to settle. It is a long and laborous process to manage a repair. The facility may take longer than expected, and the insurance company has to cover rental car costs and hotel lodging expenses while you are without vehicle. It is preferable for everyone to settle the claim in cash, and have your vehicle repaired back home…wherever home is.

Claims Repair Labor Rate

In the US and in Mexico the Labor Rate for vehicle repair is around $25-45/hour. The parts are a little more expensive to have them imported to Mexico, but depending on the vehicle it is usually cheaper to have the car repaired in the United States. Mexican Insurance companies use only the best laborer, body men, and facilities to ensure vehicles get back to where they were prior to the accident. The machines and facilities cost the same on both sides of the border. The differences are largely the human labor difference (twice as much in the US) but parts and paint are almost twice as much in Mexico. Therefore it is usually a wash. Everyone talks about taking your car to Mexico to get it fixed cheaper but the reality is when it comes to insurance companies they can’t cut corners and go a cheap route as tourists can.

Of course, on your own you can get very cheap auo repair at the border. This is without guarantee that mexican insurance companies offer.

If the vehicle is not repairable, Qualitas can arrange for your return home and reimburse you for your accommodations.

*Subject to Terms and Condition of the Quálitas Tourist Auto Insurance Policy.

**Subject to Terms and Conditions of the AVQ (Mexican Roadside Assistance) Package® – providing quality Mexican Car Insurance online since 2003