Mexican Insurance Claims Near the Mexican Border

Mexican Insurance Claims Near the Mexican Border

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Your Cell Phone Might be Picking Up a U.S. signal from Mexico

As you approach the border your cell phone may switch from a domestic Mexican carrier (Telcel, Movistar, etc) to a U.S. carrier (at&t, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) without notice. When this happens your phone thinks you’re in the United States and international dialing rules will apply.

If you are at the border, or anywhere within 10 miles of it please take notice of your carrier before you call. The Proof of Insurance cards and your Declaration Page(s) list the Mexican number as you would dial from within Mexico, but if your cell phone thinks you’re in the U.S. you will need to dial the country code and prefix first.

We provide an easy-to-follow document that includes these international options :

Please bookmark this link, or make sure to keep your digital copies on your mobile device for quick and easy access (and/or print out your “How to File a Claim” document that accompanied your policy documents email). All documents are available 24/7 from within your account.

Please reply to this email (or click here to send a question to our support desk) if you have any questions on this, or anything else.