Make Phone Call in Mexico

Make Phone Call in Mexico

How to make a phone call in Mexico?  Check your international dialing and data plans before you leave for Mexico!!!

How to call in Mexico

Unless you’re used to making international phone calls, dialing an out-of-Mexico location (or even dialing numbers within Mexico) can be a little complicated. When visiting Mexico, travelers routinely need to call out of the country in order to check in with relatives, check on family pets, notify their employer, report missing credit cards, or call their broker to say “hola.”  Whatever the reason, you should be able to make that call with ease. Be sure to bookmark this page on your cell phone or print and take it with you so that you can easily make an international phone call during your stay in Mexico.

Use this listing to help you find the instructions and rules for making phones in and out of Mexico.

Mexican Access Numbers for U.S. and Canadian

Dialing from Mexico landline to the United States or Canada

To dial the United States or Canada, the country code is 1.

To place the call, you’ll need to dial 00+Country Code+Prefix+Phone Number.

If you have trouble connecting, you can dial Mexico’s international operator for assistance by dialing 090.

Dialing from U.S. Cell Phone to Mexican Landline

Dial 011 + 52 (Mexico Country Code)+ Area Code + Phone Number

Dialing from U.S. Cell Phone to Mexican Cell Phone

Dial 011 + 52 (Mexico Country Code)+1+ Area Code + Phone Number

(Note that Mexico requires the addition of the 1 when calling mobile phones)

Calling from Mexico to Other Countries

Dial 00 (to exit Mexico), then dial Country Code + Phone Number

Mexican Access Numbers for U.S. and Canadian

Calling Card, Credit Card, and Collect Calls

AT&T World Phone: 01-800-288-2872

MCI World Access: 01-800-021-8000

Teleglobe Canada: 01-800-123-0200

Mexican Calling Cards and Payphones

Telmex features an international calling card titled Telcard that can be used from Mexican landlines and pay phones. Users can purchase these cards in various denominations. Call rates start at $2 pesos per minute (about $.20 per minute in U.S. dollars). If you plan to make many calls or to stay in Mexico for a long time, it’s cheaper to purchase your card in larger denominations because you’ll get free additional minutes.

U.S. Cell Phone Plans

Ideally, you should call your cell phone company before you leave to discuss their international calling rates and plans. Mexico is switching to a full GSM network. Because new towers are GSM, Verizon’s coverage has become somewhat spotty in places throughout the country.  AT&T has quickly become one of the top cellular players in Mexico so if you’re in the US and you want exceptional coverage absent satellite offerings AT&T is your best bet.  If you use Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile, you should ask them about their multi-band world phones. AT&T because it is a full GSM cell network and they have built a brand new network in Mexico with new fiber and facilities – it is an excellent 0ption.  We can’t publish rates here because they change too frequently…but check it out.

Remember that many cell phone providers switch off international roaming use by default. You’ll need to contact your service to ensure that you have cellphone service when you visit locations in Mexico.

Mexican Cell Phone Plans

The major cell phone provider is Telcel. Decent plans are also available from Movistar and Nextel.

Internet Phone

If you are bringing your laptop or have a computer and internet access, you can make calls free to family and friends that also have a computer. You’ll need to download a telephony product like Skype, which is free and will work on most operating systems.