Mexican Insurance Claims and Coverage

Mexican Insurance Claims and Coverage

The most important part of insurance is claims handling. WIthout solid claims handling, you might as well not have insurance at all. A Mexican insurance claim starts just like any insurance claim anywhere else in the world – by making that phone call.

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A couple of important notes:

  • You must file your claim in Mexico before leaving Mexico. Otherwise, a claim can be denied. Of course, the company will try to settle with you as US Labor Rates prior to your departure. However, if you want to have your vehicle repaired perfectly in Mexico, other arrangements will have to be made including a hotel stay and rental car.
  • Roadside assistance claims are filed exactly the same as collision and comprehensive claims – please make that phone call and start the insurance claim!
  • Never make agreements with police or third parties. Importantly, always engage the insurance company first, and let them do the negotiations and settlement. And, if you need a lawyer, tow or bond the insurance company will handle all of it. Kindly ask everyone to wait for your insurance company to arrive.

We also strongly encourage you to get to know the exclusions of the contract. Too often we hear about insurance claims being denied and the client surprised. Recently we’ve seen:

  • Someone lost the car in the ocean because they drove their truck out into the waves. Claim denied
  • Someone rolled their truck in the dunes and filed a claim – surprised to find it was denied
  • Someone struck a taxi cab in Tijuana – but they were arrested for driving drunk. Although the insurance company assisted with the police, towing and jail – there was no coverage for damage caused.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.