Halloween in Rocky Point

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dia muertos skullIn Rocky Point, Halloween is simply part of a three day festival in honor of the Day of the Dead—a day to remember all those who have passed.  While the Day of the Dead is an official Mexican holiday, Halloween is celebrated alongside it on October 31st especially in tourist towns like Rocky Point, though officially the Day of the Dead is November 1st.  Between October 31st and November 2nd, visitors to Rocky Point can expect a rollicking good time as they witness the cultural festivities of this important time of the year.


The Day of the Dead

Known throughout Mexico as Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead has roots in the region’s pre-Columbian past.  The day and its various rituals are observed to honor the dead.  The culture has a long association with the displaying of skulls thought to symbolize death and rebirth.  While Halloween is generally seen as a fun holiday to mark spooky symbols and enjoy treats, the Day of the Dead celebrations, while associated with similar imagery (i.e. skulls and skeletons), are really meant to honor the dead with practices that have been woven into the fabric of Mexico’s folklore and traditions over time.


All Souls’ Day

All Souls’ Day is a Catholic holiday that follows the Day of the Dead and is celebrated on November 2nd.  This religious holiday finds Catholics praying for the souls of the dead so they may obtain their peaceful place in heaven.  Rocky Point observes all of these holidays and visitors are apt to find celebrations going on throughout the city over the course of three-days.


Celebrating in Rocky Point

Travelers can expect to see many decorations in honor of each of these holidays when they visit.  Alters are decorated with skulls, streamers, marigolds, and religious icons.  Many homes and businesses promote grand displays and celebrate with feasts and family reunions.  On the other hand, if you happen to b a tourist, you will witness many celebrations in the hotels, restaurants, and bars associated with these holidays.


Consequently, visitors will want to bring their Halloween costume along with them when they visit Rocky Point at this time of year.  The most difficult part of a Rocky Point Halloween visit is deciding what party to attend!  The clubs are known for their extraordinary Halloween and Day of the Dead events.  You can visit various club websites to get an idea of their offerings or you might even decide to club hop and sample various holiday venues!


Visiting Rocky Point this Time of Year

The simple fact is—Halloween and the Day of the Dead are very popular times to visit major Mexican tourist towns so it’s advisable to book as soon as you can in order to procure a desired venue.  Whether you rent a villa or stay at one of the city’s budget-friendly hotels, you’ll likely be caught up in the excitement of these holidays and their festivities.  While you’ll still find that the attractions of the city are in full swing—golf, beach combing, and shopping, for instance—there’s simply something extraordinary about the look of the city when all decked out for Halloween and the Day of the Dead that makes this one of the most enchanting times to visit Rocky Point.



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