San Fernando Cathedral in Mexico. The cathedral is the oldest in Guaymas city.

Shortly south of the Sonora state capital of Hermosillo lies a city called Guaymas. With a population of about 134,000 and access to both the Gulf of California and the Sonoran Desert, Guaymas has a lot to offer no matter what you’re looking for.

Old view Guaymas, Sonora state, Mexico. Created by Lancelot after Vigneaux, published on Le Tour du Monde, Paris, 1862

History of Guaymas

When Francisco de Ulloa arrived in 1539, he called the area “the port of ports.” However, it would take centuries before Guaymas authorized commercial maritime traffic and established customs in the early 19th century. In 1825, the port of Guaymas became a municipality. Despite the city being occupied by various outside groups through the middle of the 19th century, it would eventually go on to become a somewhat prosperous city by the end of the century.

Guaymas San Carlos Map
Guaymas San Carlos Map (click for download)


As far as geography goes, Guaymas is unique because of the two natural beauties it sits between. While the western edge on the coast of the Gulf of California, the eastern edge of the city is near the western edge of the Sonoran Desert. The city is a mere 13 feet above sea level, which means it has wonderful beach access. Despite this, beautiful mountains surround the city of Guaymas.

Things to See and Do in Guaymas

Perhaps the best thing to do here is to attend the Carnival the city holds each February. This Carnival has been a staple of the city since 1888, making it some of the city’s oldest history. There are also annual festivities held to commemorate the Battle of Guaymas.

If you’re looking for a more traditional tourist experience, you can go snorkeling, sport fishing and more thanks to its beautiful beaches. The subdivision of San Carlos is a popular RV retreat. There are also some excellent golf courses in the area. And of course, you can never go wrong with a simple horseback ride or bike ride through town to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful scenery.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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