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Golf Baja

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One of the best things you can do as a golfer is spend a weekend and Golf Baja. There are few areas in the world with golf courses more beautiful than those in Baja Mexico. But as every golfer knows, a beautiful golf course is nothing without challenging holes, a solid layout, and a great overall feel. Luckily, many of the courses in Baja have these characteristics as well. Whether you’re looking to pay big money for an amazing round of golf at a championship course or you don’t mind playing on something a little bit rough around the edges (but with a much smaller price tag), Baja Mexico has you covered. So remember your clubs on your next trip, force yourself up off of the beach, and head down to the nearest golf course – you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Golf Baja: Locations

Because they are all situated on portions of Baja’s gorgeous coastline, many of the world-class golf courses in Baja offer spectacular views that truly are second to none in the world. Imagine teeing off onto a long and tricky dog-leg left with a perfect view of the Pacific at on your side – a whale might even pass by as you swing your club. That’s only part of what you get when you go golfing in Baja. Many of the best courses even incorporate natural elements of the coastline into the course. Baja Mar is a good example of this. The course’s superb signature hole, number 5, is a 185-yard par 3 shot over a menacing cove.

Speaking of Baja Mar, many golfers claim that it is the absolute best course in the entire country. In fact, it is widely known as “Pebble Beach South of the Border.” With 27 holes in total, the course offers a little something for everyone. Golfers of all skill levels and abilities will be happy after a round at Baja Mar. Better yet, they have one of the most extensively stocked pro shops in all of Mexico – if you forgot something important at home, then this is the place to pick it up.

Golf Baja Options

In addition to Baja Mar and other world-class courses such as El Dorado Golf Course (in Los Cabos), Real del Mar (in Ensenada), and Club Campestre (in Tijuana), Baja Mexico also offers a number of golf courses that are perfect for those on a budget. While they’re definitely not of the same quality as the top courses, resorts like the Villas de Cortez Golf Course and Cabo San Lucas Country Club offer high-quality golfing that won’t break the bank. There are also a variety of par 3 golf courses and miniature golf establishments throughout the Baja region – they’re a simple way to get non-golfers and kids involved in all of the fun.

If you’re visiting Baja Mexico and are hoping to grab a round or two on the links, you won’t be disappointed. The peninsula is full of golf courses that suit players of all skill levels, abilities, and preferences. Many of the best golf courses are even located in the northern part of Baja and are easy to get to on a day trip from San Diego. Just don’t forget your®!

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