The Acquisition

In June of 2018, we ultimately acquired the assets of – a Mexico Tourist Travel resource on the web.  It contained hundreds of pages of relevant Mexico travel content, with accompanying images.  Also, and probably what we are most proud of with the acquisition are the Maps! Loved Mexico

As you read the content and view the images, you will see a genuine love for not only the country of Mexico but also for the people.  The writing of the history and the appreciation of the culture.  As a result, and I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to tell when someone loves what they write for and about. was obviously in love with Mexico.

Organization of and how it will translate here

For the most part, the acquisition will change nothing in our operation immediately.  Ultimately we might make changes that help clients, but for now, the only difference is more content.

GoGringo organized the content by Activity and Location/Destination.  It had a page for each state in Mexico.  So, within that state page, they highlighted the various activities and events in that state.  If there were popular Cities or Villages within that state, it contained a corresponding City Page.  Finally, the City Page would have granular items relevant to anyone visiting there, including maps.

Here is an example:

Baja California is the State if you click you will see the page on Baja North.  Within Baja North, there are separate pages for:

But what’s cool about each of those pages, is that they contain links to more content related to those cities, examples:

Map of Puerto Nuevo and Ensenada Street Map and Surf Map Baja

Activities in Mexico

In addition to all the Mexico History and base knowledge, GoGringo was significant in activities.  Just look at the logos – he’s a surfer and a fisherman, and he loved the outdoors.

Their old website was broken down by activities (Medical Tourism in Mexico, Surfing in Baja, Camping Mexico, Off-Road Mexico, Fishing in Mexico, etc.).  It has some great image licenses and also some incredible content, but what I am most proud of are the MAPS!

Many of the pages acquired should benefit anyone traveling to Mexico.  However, we will continue to keep the content fresh and relevant to our audience.  The best way to find information on what you’re searching for is to use the search bar on the blog, as shown here:

It will take some time to redesign the blog to take full advantage of all this fantastic content on travel in Mexico.  So, in the meantime, try using our categories listed on the right if you have a particular interest or if you are heading to a specific place – check it out here first!

Enjoy the new content!® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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