Camping in Mexico

With its astounding natural wonders, extraordinary landscapes, and beautiful wilds, Mexico and its various climes is a memorable place to go camping and to experience nature in some of its most enchanting splendor.  If you are a novice camper and simply want to discover Mexico’s natural beauty, there are many great locations to consider.  On the other hand, if you are looking to immerse yourself in a challenging and exciting locale, Mexico has plenty of regions where experienced campers. can raise their tents.

When considering a camping trip to Mexico, it’s essential to plan accordingly, especially if you plan to camp or explore in a remote location.  For safety purposes, it’s always important to leave an itinerary of your plans with people at home.  It’s also a good idea to camp with at least one other person.  In some cases, especially in remote areas, it may be worthwhile to employ a guide or even participate in an eco-camping activity where you can still enjoy the thrills of camping, but under safe conditions and with knowledgeable guidance.  The following four locales are some renowned areas of Mexico for camping; consider them for your next trip to Mexico.

Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, Rocky Point, Sonora

One of the most pristine and untouched ancient landscapes of Mexico, the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve near Rocky Point (a.k.a. Puerto Penasco) is utterly unique for its geology and archaeology.  With more than 600 square miles of craters and dormant volcanoes, the reserve has a distinctive other-worldly quality camping that lures campers from all over the world.  There are two campgrounds located in the reserve.  The visitor center requires that campers check in.  Incredible landscapes and intriguing wildlife make this a fascinating place to camp and hike.

Copper Canyon, Chihuahua

This famed canyon system of the Sierra Tarahumara is a rich cultural site that is additionally revered for its biodiversity.  With its waterfalls and picturesque pools, the area has been called a paradise.  Not
surprisingly, there are luxury resorts and comfortable accommodations, but camping is the most authentic way to experience the glorious canyons.  Hiking the canyon rims and camping under the night sky is sure to be both gratifying and memorable.

San Felipe, Baja Californiacamping tulum mexico

The white sands of Baja California provide a perfect night’s sleep just feet from the shore of the Sea of Cortez.  This is camping at its most relaxing.  Spend the day fishing and evening cooking over a fire and resting beside the murmuring sea.  San Felipe is revered for a wide array of activities, but camping is one of the best and most budget-friendly ways to experience the sand, surf, and sun.

RV on the Road with Jeep in Baja

El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, Tamaulipas

Located in northeast Mexico, El Cielo Biosphere Reserve is world famous for its enchanting cloud forest.  Camping here will provide a unique experience that is filled with heady flowers, gorgeous valleys, and stunning waterfalls.  Camping is popular here as are various eco-tours that take visitors rappelling, caving, hiking, and bird-watching.  It’s truly wild and is one of the few places in Mexico where black bears roam as do puma and other wildlife native to the region.  While some people manage to reserve a cabin, most prefer to camp amidst the lush flora.