Fun Activities in Mexico

So, you are an adventurist, and you love to do things outdoors. You’ve been cooped up due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, or maybe because you have kids! Whatever the reason, you don’t want to just have fun, you want to ball out in Mexico! The guides below on fun activities in Mexico will get you on your way to an epic adventure south of the border.

Surf Mexico
Surf Mexico

Surfing Fun in Mexico

Some of our most popular activities in Mexico content is related to Surfing in Mexico.  We have surf maps with all the hot spots up and down the coast of Baja, complete with downloadable Baja Maps and Driving Directions.  Our photos will get you in the mood faster than you can say Sweet Jesus!

Fishing Mexico
Fishing Mexico

Fishing Fun in Mexico

What’s the deal with fishing in Mexico?  Well, between the coast of Baja and the super warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, anglers are almost guaranteed to have a “good” time activity dropping a line in Mexico.  Our posts have photos and information on Fishing in Baja, Fishing in Rocky Point, Fishing up and down the coasts of Mexico.

Gringo Golf Mexico
Golf Mexico

Golfing in Mexico

How about a warm fun activity in Mexico that’s not too rigorous, but still considered a sport?   Or are you looking to take your Dad somewhere to watch him hit his balls onto the beach, and fall down when he shoots at the tee box?  Take him to Mexico – he will love you for it!

Gringo Camping

Camping in Mexico

If your idea of camping in Mexico is with an AK47, forget it.  We highlight the areas in Mexico where fossil fuels and noises are not acceptable.  Well…unless you go to the RV parks near the dunes … or heading down for an Off-Road Race.

Mexico Off Road
Off Road Mexico

Off-Roading in Mexico

In Baja, there is one particular fun activity in Mexico that is part of the culture: offroading.  Yes, there are parts of Mexico that are absolutely world-famous for off-roading.  Check out the SCORE International race posts, and find out where the next races are!

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