Frequently Asked Questions About Mexican Auto Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Mexican Auto Insurance

There are many people across the United States who do not know that you need separate car insurance when traveling to Mexico. This is because our neighbor to the south does not recognize US car insurance. So, you can get into quite a lot of trouble if you do not have Mexican auto insurance when driving into the country.

Whether you are traveling to Mexico in your car for business or pleasure, you should make sure to buy auto insurance for Mexico well beforehand so that you avoid any problems in case you cause an accident there.

You should take the time to learn as much as possible before your road trip.

FAQs About Mexican Car Insurance

Here are a few FAQs about Mexican auto insurance.

  1. Why is car insurance Mexico important?

Car insurance is required by law in Mexico as it is in the US. However, any driver who is involved in an automobile accident in the country is required to have the means to respond to bodily injuries or property damage for which they may be responsible. The means could be in the form of a Mexico car insurance policy or cash.

  1. Why type of Mexico insurance coverage should I get?

Before crossing the border into Mexico, you should purchase at least a third-party auto liability Mexican auto insurance policy. Bear in mind that US insurance policies are not acceptable evidence of financial responsibility in the country.

The only acceptable evidence of financial responsibility is a Mexican auto liability insurance policy. This policy will cover damages that you cause to other vehicles, but not to your own. To protect your vehicle from any losses or damage, you should choose full coverage Mexico insurance.

  1. What should I do before choosing a Mexican auto insurance policy and before driving into Mexico?

Before you choose the type of coverage that your Mexican car insurance provides, you should take a close look at your US auto insurance policy.

Some insurance companies in our country have certain coverage and limits for clients who are driving in Mexico. In addition, before you drive into Mexico, you should find out if your US car insurance policy will cover any damage to your vehicle in the country and also if your policy has any limitations or restrictions, like the number of days in Mexico or number of miles from the US-Mexico border.

Get Comprehensive Coverage from Mexican Auto Insurance

If you are traveling by road to Mexico, make sure that you get complete coverage. Also, legal protection from the best Mexican auto insurance from Mexico Insurance Services, Inc. To find out more or get a quote, visit today.

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