Fishing Tournaments of Baja Mexico

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Fishing Tournaments of Baja Mexico

Baja Mexico is home to some absolutely amazing open water fishing. Sailfish, rooster fish, and yellow fin tuna are only a few of the most common types of fish in the area. Because of the wide variety of species, large number of excellent fishing spots, and beautiful locale, the Baja region attracts thousands of fishermen per year. While many visit just to casually try their luck, an increasing number of people are making the trip down south especially for fishing tournaments and contests.

 Fishing Tournament

Fishing tournaments have long been a part of Baja Mexico’s tourist appeal. In fact, a few of the very first tourist towns attracted their first visitors with the allure of fishing contests. The contests brought in people from around the country with the draw of a big prize. It was a great way to garner new interest in the area’s sport fishing industry and as its appeal as a vacation spot in general.


Nowadays, there is a fishing tournament happening in Baja at just about any time of the year. You barely have to look at a calendar and plan a trip to one anymore. You can just show up in Mexico with your fishing equipment and chances are you’ll find a contest waiting. However, many of these tournaments are small. For a real taste of a Baja Mexico fishing tournament, you should head to one of the most popular events.


Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournaments are among the most popular in Baja Mexico. There are currently three tournaments that take place annually – one of the coast of Buenavista which takes place in July, another off the coast of Cabo San Lucas in late October, and the world-famous Black & Blue Marlin Tournament which takes place just a few days after the one in Cabo San Lucas in roughly the same area. All of the tournaments offer enormous purses with the Black & Blue offering the largest – a cool one million dollars in total.


Though the Bisbee tournaments are by far the most well-known and best for non-fishers to watch, there are a plethora of others in the area. Another popular one is the Baja Capers Fishing Tournament which has been going on for almost twenty years. Aside from long-running tournaments, there are new and short-lived ones popping up all of the time. Simply put, fishing is a constantly growing sport in Mexico.

Mexico Fishing

If you’re a fisherman, then it is worth considering Baja Mexico for your next big-time fishing vacation. Even if you don’t enter a fishing tournament, there are still more than enough world-class spots to cast out from. And if you’re really in for an adventure, the wide variety of tours in the area will take you out on the open sea for some contest-style fishing without all of the drama of a contest.

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