Fishing in Mexico

Fishing and boating in Mexico are among the most popular pastimes for vacationers. In fact, many people plan their Mexican vacations around their fishing pursuits. While the coast of the Baja Peninsula is famous for its sport fishing, Mexico boasts many regions that are ideal for fishing. If you are planning to do any fishing in Mexico, you will need to procure a Mexican fishing license as will everyone on the boat. 

Fishing Rosarito
Fishing Ensenada

Fishing in Mexico Licenses

As of 2008, boaters in Mexico will not need a boating license. However, everyone on a vessel where fishing is occurring will need to procure a fishing license. If you plan to fish around the Baja Peninsula, you can apply online for your license. Travelers have been allowed to apply online since January 2014. When you apply for your fishing license online, you can expect to register with your email. You will also have to respond to a confirmation email. Travelers should also expect to convey the dates for their license and where they intend to fish. Prices are charged accordingly whether you plan to procure a fishing license for one day or one year. If you do not obtain your fishing permit online, you may procure it at a participating local tackle shop of tourism offices.

Possession Limits

When fishing in ocean waters or estuaries, fishermen are limited to catching ten fish per day. Fishermen may not catch more than five of the same species. Fishermen may only catch one marlin, swordfish, sailfish, or shark; if they do, this catch counts as five of the ten-fish limit. Fishermen may only catch two dorados, shad, roosterfish, or tarpon. Catching two fulfills five of their ten-fish limit as well. In inland rivers and lakes, fishermen are restricted to five fish each day. This applies to a single species or mixed species. Underwater fishing also carries a five-fish limit. For more regulations regarding sport fishing, visit this website

Chartering a Boat

If you plan to go sport fishing in Mexico, you might want to consider chartering a vessel. There are many operations throughout the Baja Peninsula that specialize in boat charters whether you plan to fish in the waters of the Pacific or the Sea of Cortez. In fact, most of the tourist areas provide boat charter services. Rates are available for large groups as well as a single fisherman. There are often guides who can lead fishermen to the best fishing spots.

Fishing off the coast of San Carlos in the Gulf of California in Senora Mexico
Fishing off the coast of San Carlos in the Gulf of California in Sonora Mexico

Best Locations for Sport Fishing in Mexico

Typically the Baja Peninsula ranks first when it comes to sport fishing in Mexico. The waters off Los Cabos are revered, but many travelers rave about their catches in Rocky Point as well as La Paz, San Felipe, Rosarito, and Ensenada. Other well-known fishing destinations in Mexico include the waters off Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Cancun, and Cozumel. Many fishermen enjoy the waters of the Riviera Maya too. 

For more specific information, you may research sport fishing for the city you intend to visit. You’re apt to find many services and boat charters for sport fishing. You’ll be able to find all the information you need before leaving for your fishing trip to Mexico.

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