Filling Prescriptions in Mexico

Filling Prescription Drugs in Mexico

The US Department of State recommends not to travel to Mexico for the sole purpose of filling prescription drugs.   According to the U.S. Embassy, the Mexican Police can arrest foreigners in possession of illegal drugs.  As a result, the foreign resident must hold a valid doctor’s prescription, and have it filled by a licensed Mexican pharmacist.

Mexico pharmacy Doctor holding pills tablet
Mexico pharmacy Doctor holding pills

Not coincidentally, some recent arrests of  U.S. citizens getting medicine in Mexico.  In the worst case, offenders impersonating polices may extort money.  But, under a rightful arrest, those caught are often held for the full 48 hours allowed by Mexican law without charges being filed.

During this 48-hour period, detainees are often bribed or solicited by attorneys who demand large fees to secure their release.

According to the US government, nearly thirty percent (30%) Mexico prescriptions are fake.  At the very least they are cheap.  Such artificial medications may be difficult to recognize from real pills and could pose serious health risks to customers.  The Chinese are famous for sending bogus drugs through the Mexican ports.

Mexican Doctor Holding Prescription Pill Bottle
Mexican Doctor Holding Prescription Pill Bottle

In Conclusion, it is legal to import prescriptions from Mexico. U.S. law generally allows persons to enter the United States with about one month’s supply.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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