Festival del Caballo

festival caballo
Festival del Caballo – Festival of the Horse

The Festival del Caballo (“Festival of the Horse”) is a celebration of horse culture, art, and wine.  In essence, it’s a celebration of Baja California culture and it’s a prominent event that attracts many to the state to enjoy it.  The popular festival takes place in the countryside of Ensenada in the territory of Valle de Guadalupe.  The festival is at the equestrian facilities of Adobe Guadalupe Vineyards & Inn.  This family-friendly event attracts a myriad of people coming to enjoy the day’s activities and sights.

The Setting

The glorious Valle de Guadalupe is home to some of North America’s most famed vineyards that rival even those of Napa Valley in California according to wine enthusiasts.  The landscape is pristine and inviting with its timeless beauty and sun-kissed vineyards.  While the city has its attractions, the countryside of Ensenada is some of the loveliest scenery interior scenery in the state.  The festival allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while sampling some of the best wine and food of the season!

El Cielo

Horsing Around

Named for the horse, this festival is a celebration of the equestrian life—both past and present.  Equestrian exhibitions are available with horseback riding activities and even hayrides.  It’s a great place to see expert riders perform with some of the state’s most marvelous horse.  From dancing horses to the famed Andalucían horses, visitors will delight in this celebration.  For those who enjoy riding, there are horseback rides that make participants truly feel part of the show and the day’s festivities.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

It almost goes without saying that the best of Baja California’s wines will be served at the events illustrious wine tasting event.  After all, as the event is in the country’s premier vineyard, it would hardly be an event without the best of the vineyards represented.  Aside from wine, there will also be plenty of beer and a myriad of other beverages and refreshments.  The cuisine ranges from hotdogs to authentic Baja dishes—especially cowboy favorites!  While Mexican cuisine is the order of the day, many international dishes will also be available during the festival.  Naturally—there’ll be a wide variety of desserts!

Festival del Caballo
Festival del Caballo Ensenada

It’s Not a Party…

Without live music and dance!  The Festival del Caballo has a lot of entertainment, but it’s not a real Mexican celebration without music and dance.  Aside from various live music performances, this year’s festival will feature dance exhibitions as well as traditional Mexican folk dancing.  As infectious as the music is, expect to see many participants join in the dancing fun as the day progresses!

Art and Other Activities

For those to love to view art, there will be a wide variety of art on display.  Arts and crafts are available for purchase during the festival.  Moreover, the festival will feature a painting contest this year, too.  Travelers will find many other attractions during the event such as a beauty contest and a children’s art competition.  If you’ve never witnessed the Festival del Caballo, make this year different by planning a trip to enjoy this revered festival.  There are many elegant inns and hotels in the region making it the perfect getaway.  If you happen to be visiting Ensenada, be sure to fit this festival into your travel itinerary!

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