Ensenada’s Grape Harvest: Festival Fiestas de la Vendima

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August 2-18, 2013

Lasting for much of the month of August, the Festival Fiestas de la Vendima is an Ensenada-based celebration of the grape harvest of nearby Valle de la Guadalupe.  It is a renowned celebration of wine, the regional vineyards, and, of course, Baja gastronomy.  Exhibitions and events like fabulous wine tastings are just a few of the activities that take place during this revered celebration.  The 2013 grape harvest festival is scheduled from August 2 – August 18.


Wine Country

The countryside beyond Ensenada is home to some of the best vineyards in all of North America.  This beautiful grape country is pristine and abundant with the fruits of summer.  Ripened grapes are harvested for wines—many of which are compared to those produced in California’s Napa Valley.  The harvest season is prime time for Baja California wine tastings and there’s no better way to experience the best of the peninsula than during the Festival de la Vendima.  Visiting the wine lands near Ensenada is a sunlit adventure that many have called intoxicating simply in terms of the breathtaking scenery.  The lush vineyards boast a rich harvest that is certainly worthy of celebration!

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The Festival

Festival Fiestas de la Vendima as it is known in Baja California is an enchanting time to visit Ensenada.  Many events are scheduled for this year’s grape harvest celebration.  Not only will events boast delectable wines and culinary delights, but also plenty of entertainment and cultural events and activities.  The official celebration begins August 2nd at Ensenada’s Community Center, Civic and Cultural Pacific Riviera with an opening wine tasting geared to wet everyone’s appetite for more delicious wines to come.  Then, of course, the schedule opens up to include multiple vineyards and their schedules.  For instance, August 3rd involves various wineries and their special harvest events.  Visiting during grape harvest means that wine-lovers are sure to find many appealing dinners, wine tastings, and events throughout the countryside and, indeed, within some of the city’s fine restaurants.


Some of the most acclaimed harvest events include Gypsy Night at Vineyard Liceaga, Night of Brotherhood at Cruise Port Village, Baja California Culinary Expressions at Hacienda Guadalupe, the Sea and Wine Concert at the Estero Beach Hotel and Resort, and Party in the Valley in Valle de la Guadalupe’s Parque del Porvenir.  Be sure to check with your favorite vineyards to see how they plan to celebrate the harvest festival this year!

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The grape harvest is truly one of the loveliest times to visit Ensenada.  It seems that so many of the regions wineries and restaurants want to take part in some way.  Wine lovers from around the world find this an amazing time to visit Ensenada—already a Baja favorite any other time of the year.  August, however, is simply dizzy with wine and food and all the wonderful fruits of harvest.  Moreover, the city has many other wonderful activities to entertain travelers of all tastes.  Whale watching, water sports, sailing, beachcombing, off-roading, shopping—it’s a vacation town in every respect including vibrant nightlife and a welcoming atmosphere.  Whether travelers book as stay at a Valle de la Guadalupe hotel or inn or at an Ensenada resort, the experience is sure to be memorable!

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