Ensenada’s 6th Annual Blues-Rock Festival 2013

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Ensenada JazzJune 15, 2013

While it’s always easy to find an excuse to drop everything and head down to Ensenada for a sun-filled weekend, the city’s annual Blues-Rock Festival is a particularly attractive time to plan a Mexican getaway.  Ensenada, located in the picturesque state of Baja California, is on the Pacific Ocean and a favorite cruise ship port.  (Click here for the directions to Ensenada).  This year’s fest is scheduled for June 15th and will feature eight hour of live music.  The event is scheduled for 2 – 10 PM, but the “after-party” line-up is also regarded as great fun attracting local musicians to hang out and play at some of the city’s most exciting clubs and bars.


The Event

The Blues-Rock Fest is held in an historic part of Ensenada near the ocean at the Cultural Pavilion.  The location is ideal as it allows fans to enjoy both outstanding live music and incredible scenic views.  (Click here for the Ensenada Street Map)  Various performers / bands have been scheduled for the 2013 festival including Neto Angulo y Libre, Indigo, Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders, Los Fires, Old Dog, and Ruta 69.  Great live music wafts from the open air pavilion all day to throngs of music-lovers.  Moreover, this is an all-ages show so families also find the festival to be great fun.  The Cultural Pavilion, also known as the Cultural Theatre, is located at Blvd. Costero and Av. Club Rotario.

 Ensenada Street Map

Easy to find, the location will also be filled with a myriad of vendors selling everything from refreshments to souvenir t-shirts.  The renowned Santo Tomas wines as well as other beverages will be served at the event.  Great beer and regional food are hallmarks of the Rock-Blues festivals held each year.  Music cds as well as a vast array of souvenirs will also be offered to fans for purchase.  If you’ve never been to an outdoor Ensenada fest, this one is exciting, particularly for Rock and Blues music-lovers who will love to listen to their favorite music Mexican style!


Music in Ensenada

Of course, music is ingrained in Ensenada’s culture.  Live music is part of both the bar and club scene.  A festival is hardly a festival without performances by local musicians sometimes playing traditional music of Mexico and sometimes features world music.  The after-party scene of the Blues-Rock Festival is also a great time to enjoy the city’s nightlife.  The day and evening have been infused with music, but the night also promises extraordinary entertainment from both area and visiting performers.  There are often numerous jam sessions to be found and simply strolling from one venue to another to listen to the various players is enough to make for a grand night on the town.


So Much to Love about Ensenada

Most visitors can’t help falling in love with Ensenada.  The city’s gorgeous beaches and vast array of cultural venues make it an ideal vacation destination.  Home to lavish clubs and hotels as well as sumptuous restaurants, the city also features traditional cafes and taverns as well as marketplaces and cozy inns.  If you love live music and are looking for some holiday time in a sunny locale, head to Ensenada and enjoy its brand of summer fun and excitement.






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