Ensenada’s Mountain Bike Championship

Mountain Bike Championship Ensenada

Baja California seems designed for mountain bikes and riders. If you enjoy a good pedal, and to kick up dust, hit the twists and turns of the hilly terrain and uneven tracks.  Challenging yet extraordinarily scenic, the trails of Ensenada are serious race courses. They will bring out the best (and worst) of any biker willing to put their skills to the test.  Fans love to watch and the annual Ensenada mountain biking contests regularly attract crowds of people and vendors.  If you plan on traveling to Ensenada and are a biking enthusiast, saddle up.

The Mountain Bike Championship

As expected, this municipal race features some of the best mountain bikers in the region.  Highly competitive, the race is sheer grit and the fans love every bit of it!  The championship is the culmination of five events that lead the best of the best to Ensenada’s final series championship. The course is features jumps and multiple types of terrain. It is a test for each biker’s level of technical expertise and endurance.  There are always moments of sportive exhilaration for the bikers and fans.  This event is an exciting attraction popular with families looking to enjoy thrills and may even a few spills!

Tough Terrain

Baja California may be known for its off-roading ATVs, but mountain biking is part of the off-roading experience.  Bike trails to suit all levels from novices to world-class experts.  Inclines, ravines, dips, and twists are regular hallmarks of the terrain around Ensenada.  The city, naturally, has many local mountain bike enthusiasts, but tourists come from near and far to experience Ensenada’s tough courses.  A mountainous backdrop, as well as other picturesque scenery, makes this one of the most scenic places to ride in Mexico.  The trails near the ocean afford splendid views that require riders to keep focused to avoid a spill!

Ensenada hosts various races and bike rides that attract international riders and biking fans.  Such events have become popular with friends looking to experience an adventure-filled vacation.  The Municipal Race is a perfect event to kick-start any Baja holiday.  You can rent a bike or bring your own.  You’ll find the terrain both challenging and exciting and the atmosphere delightful in any season.

ensenada mountain bike championship

Sporty Adventure in Ensenada

Sure, many people visit this Pacific Princess city to lounge on the beach and soak up the delicious sunshine, but many find Ensenada to be the perfect place to find a wide variety of sportive activities.  Beach volleyball, swimming, boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, golf, hiking—these are just a few popular activities among visitors to this breathtaking city.

Summer is a hot time in every respect in Ensenada!  There’s always something going on so be sure to check all the events before you visit so you can plan your trip accordingly.  Often your hotel or resort will provide additional information to help travelers locate the events that interest them.  Nevertheless, if you happen to be in town June 9th, don’t miss out on the mountain bike action of Ensenada’s Municipal Mountain Bike Championship!

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