El Cielo Biosphere

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El Cielo BiosphereDubbed as one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets, the cloud forests of El Cielo Biosphere Reserve are truly among the world’s most enchanting places.  Situated just a few hours from the Texas border in the state of Tamaulipas, El Cielo (“Heaven”) beckons visitors with its promise of raw nature and a pristine landscape that is unforgettable after it’s first beheld.  The reserve is ideal for camping because it offers a wide spectrum of nature; various ecosystems give way to an abundance of flora and fauna that make this region so utterly fascinating.

Camping in El Cielo

Because the reserve is one of Mexico’s most stunning, there are tours that guide visitors through the various ecosystems.  Camping is just part of the tour experience, but it’s always a good idea to remain in a group when traversing this wild region that is home to black bears, pumas, and jaguars.  Since El Cielo is a remote area, there are not a lot of amenities for travelers, so be sure to come prepared with everything you need to camp.  On the other hand, there are villages within the reserve that may sell supplies to campers and hikers.  The nearby town of Alta Cima does have accommodations, restaurants, and stores for travelers to the region.


El Cielo

El Cielo

Features of El Cielo

The reserve encompasses four distinct ecosystems: mountain forests, heath forests, tropical jungles, and pine forests.  The reserve spans 356,442 acres of majestic wilderness.  While the landscapes are ecologically fascinating to both outdoor-lovers as well as academic researchers, the abundance of life that occurs in the reserve is simply breathtaking to observe.  Bird-watchers come from far and wide to see the amethyst-throated hummingbirds or the other winged residents of the forests and jungle.  With such a diverse population of animals, the reserve is the ideal eco-vacation for people who want to immerse themselves in a true wilderness.  Because there are dangerous animals in El Cielo, it’s recommended to travel and camp with at least one other person. During your stay, you’ll see various wildlife, exotic species of flowers, waterfalls, and the fascinating mix of terrain.  Isolated valleys within the reserve appear untouched by time; camping in the reserve is like stepping into an ancient world.

Things to Do in El Cielo

Camping and hiking may be the most popular reasons to visit this reserve, but adventure seekers also come to rappel, explore caves, or go rock climbing.  Tours are popular because they are guided by people who know the best treks with the most exciting sites.  Simply walking the trails is the ideal way to witness the charms of the reserve.  Many groups often choose El Cielo as a camping destination.  While it is utterly secluded, it is only roughly three hundred miles from the U.S. border, making it a convenient destination for Americans in search of a camping holiday that promises extraordinary sites and activities.  Camping in El Cielo is quite popular with researchers and even artists; the botanical richness of the area, of course, captivates academic and tourists alike.  Most people who visit El Cielo find the experience not only pleasurable, but remarkable.

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