Eco-Travel Mexico


Planning an eco-travel vacation in Mexico is an exciting prospect since this dynamic country is filled with millions of acres of protected landscapes as well as extraordinary historical sites and natural attractions. If you want to experience authentic Mexico and its wide range of environmentally interesting destinations, the subsequent text offers a rich sampling of great ideas to make your Mexican vacation one of the best you’ll ever have!

Lacandon Jungle

Stretching from Chiapas to Guatemala, the Lacandon Jungle is the largest montane rainforest on the North American continent. The villages of Naha and Metzabok offer an enriching cultural experience for travelers looking for traditional Mexican life while the scenery derives its enchantment from lagoons and dense forest. The region is well-known for its Mayan ceremonial sites as well as its rich variety of flora and fauna.

El Cielo Adventure

The El Cielo Biosphere Reserve of Tamaulipas is a glorious landscape where travelers enjoy hiking, caving, rappelling, bird watching, and rock climbing. Moreover, simply walking through the various ecosystems of this immense reserve offers a plethora of visual splendors. Waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna, and dynamic terrain await those in search of a nature-infused vacation.

The Yucatan’s Mayan Ruins

As the most-most visited the region of the country, the Yucatan offers a wide range of eco experiences. Yet, history lovers will be particularly impressed with the many ruins they may visit and explore while enjoying the natural scenery of each area. From the pyramids of Chichen-Itza to the Uxmal World Heritage Site, the archaeological wealth of the Yucatan is world-famous just as a Yucatan experience is unforgettable.

Eco-Travel Mexico
Eco-Travel Mexicio

Coastal Kayaking

While the Baja is known for its many tourist resorts and attractions, it is also the ideal place for an active vacation filled with excitement and scenic beauty. Kayaking the coastal stretch between Loreto and La Paz is a favorite route for water lovers. Camping in the breathtaking coastal scenery and paddling the sixty-five miles along the untamed coast is a wilderness experience unlike any other.

Mexico Cooking Adventures

If you want to combine your vacation with an extraordinary learning experience and you love Mexican cuisine, a cooking course coupled with cultural excursions is a great way to celebrate Mexico’s contributions to world cuisine. Some popular cooking experiences include a Todos Santos cooking and touring adventure and cooking classes of Oaxaca. Not only will you enjoy great food, but you’ll also learn how to make it yourself!

San Ignacio Gray Whale Experience

Whale watching is a popular tourist adventure of Baja California and the San Ignacio Lagoon is a perfect place to encounter gray whales. Some tours, particularly those run by the popular Mayoral family, are known for their environmentally friendly tours and gentle practices that honor the animal encounters and promote sustainable ideals toward the lagoon and its living creatures.

Frida and Diego’s Mexico

Art lovers will enjoy a cultural tour committed to following in the footsteps of Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. From sites in Mexico City and Cuernavaca, travelers will gain insights into the world of these internationally revered artists, but they’ll also enjoy the many cultural attractions and sites they see throughout their tour.

Mexico is filled with many eco-travel opportunities. Whether you enjoy rafting, snorkeling, mountain biking, or hiking, there is a perfect experience awaiting you in Mexico.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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