Driving to Mexico for Dental Work

You Can Save Thousands of Dollars

There’s a good chance you’ll save as much as 70% when you consider driving to Mexico for dental work. For an individual tooth implant with a crown – save over $3,000. Same day root canal? Save $750+. If it’s dentures you’re after, you could save a whopping $1,300.

However, the real savings happen with major procedures, such as multiple implants, a dental bridge, or removal of porcelain crowns. The money you can save on these big operations can be several thousands of dollars or more.

Mexican Dentist
Dental Procedure in Mexico

Make an Appointment for Dental Work in Mexico

If you need an immediate root canal, or perhaps to have your crown reattached after seeing it fall out – the stress of waiting for a dentist appointment in the US can cause a lot of unnecessary grey hairs. It’s significantly faster to book an appointment with a Mexican dentist, for a few reasons.

Primarily, Mexican dentists work substantially more hours – usually Monday through Friday, eight to six. Additionally, many work extra hours on Saturdays into the afternoon.

This stands in stark contrast to the US, where dentists often work a mere three or four days a week – making appointments extremely limited. To make matters worse, many regions in the US simply have too few dentists to meet demands. This unfortunate reality is why it can take several months to get in to see someone for your urgent dental needs.

Dentist in Mexico
Dentist in Mexico

Driving to Mexico for Dental Work: Earned Vacation

The fusion of huge savings with driving to Mexico for dental work gave birth to the term ‘dental tourism.’ Imagine the freezing temperatures of Chicago in the chilling darkness of winter, and you are only weeks away from an all-important job interview – getting your teeth fixed is essential to making a good impression. However, your dental quote surpassed $10,000 from two different local dentists, and you simply don’t have the money.

Your options are either enduring the subzero temperatures while scheduling more consultations to (hopefully) find a better deal, or fly to Cancun. For between four and five thousand dollars, you can not only get your dental work done but fly to Cancun and stay at a nice hotel. If you want to save even more money, just drive to Mexico for Dental work. There are exceptional dentists in Tijuana, Hermosillo, and Monterrey. Making your dentist trip a fun destination makes it easier to recruit someone to go with you. The decision is clear – traveling to Mexico to have your cake and eat it too!

All the Dental Specialists Are In One Place

Most dental operations in the US are known as ‘single dentist practices’ – meaning there’s but one dentist employed in the entire office. This reality can present major challenges when you need serious dental work done.

When you need a root canal, your dentist first has to refer you to a periodontist when wisdom tooth extraction will be involved. Many rural areas in the US simply don’t have a periodontist – causing a stalemate – all the while your oral health continues to cause immense suffering. This process of bouncing between several clinics and specialists can be exhausting and frustrating.

Another common problem is the existence of ‘do-it-all’ dentists. These dentists perform work such as full-mouth crown restorations, periodontal treatments, and root canals.

In Mexico, it’s common for dentists to practice in groups. This means all the specialists are together in one big building. This enables fast service, such as a root canal specialist beginning your root canal immediately after the consultation.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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