Driving to Baja

Driving to Baja is as simple as crossing the border. Once you cross, you’re in Baja! But to go further south you’ll need to get through Tijuana. When driving from San Diego to Rosarito you can easily get there by either the Free road (Carretera Libre) or the Toll Road (Carretera Cuota). Just follow the signs!

Baja Mexico
Baja California Norte

The toll on the Carretera Cuota is currently 60 pesos or around $3.00 depending on the exchange rate. You also have emergency telephone lines located every mile alternating sides along the road and emergency services such as the ANGELES VERDES (Green Angels) who can reach you in case of an incident or accident (dial 078).

Important driving tipWhen driving on the free road and you want to make a left turn, if you have incoming traffic on your rearview mirror, pull to the right shoulder and wait for traffic to clear before making a left turn, or you can continue until you reach the nearest return.

– Auto Insurance in Mexico

Having Mexican Car Insurance is very important
You may obtain your coverage on a daily basis, but semi-annual and annual policies are available for frequent travelers. Liability is required, however complete coverage will cover YOUR vehicle for collision (actual cash value) and for total theft! You may increase your options as well, including free roadside assistance!

SOME of the benefits of this coverage: EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.- Consists of:

  • A. BASIC ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.- In the event of a flat tire, running empty on fuel, needing to jumpstart the vehicle or being locked out of the covered vehicle, upon request of the BENEFICIARY AND/OR COMPANIONS, the COMPANY will arrange and assume the cost of sending assistance to resolve the above mentioned problems so that the vehicle may be enabled to continue. These services will be provided according to the following:
    • • Emergency fuel supply. In the event that the covered vehicle runs out of fuel, the COMPANY will arrange and pay for bringing enough fuel to the vehicle so that the BENEFICIARY may drive it to the nearest gas station (within Mexico). The cost of the fuel will be paid by the BENEFICIARY. This benefit has a maximum of three events.
    • • Flat-tire service. In the event the covered vehicle has a flat tire or the air pressure of any of the tires is too low to continue driving the COMPANY will arrange and pay for the service of inflating or changing the tire, provided the BENEFICIARY has a spare tire available and in good condition. Maximum three events.
    • • Jumpstart service. In the event the covered vehicle requires jumpstarting the COMPANY will arrange and pay for sending a mechanic to jumpstart the vehicle so that it may be driven to the nearest repair center. The COMPANY will not be liable for any damages caused by the failure of electric systems in the covered vehicle. Maximum three events.
    • • Locksmith service. In the event that the BENEFICIARY is accidentally locked out of the covered vehicle or that the covered vehicle’s keys are lost or stolen the COMPANY will arrange and pay to send a locksmith where the vehicle may be located to open it. The cost of any parts needing replacement or spare keys will be paid by the BENEFICIARY. Maximum three events. The BENEFICIARY must at all times accompany the service provider designated by the COMPANY.

Tourist Roadside Assistance, Asistencia Vial is free with all policies we sell! – Marcy
Remember that guns and firearms are illegal in Mexico

– Gasoline
Mexican authorities try to maintain a balance in the prices of gasoline so you can expect the price to be around that of the U.S. You can find Pemex Stations all around Rosarito but remember that on long U.S. holiday weekends there are more tourist and more demand. As always is a good idea to plan ahead and come prepared, you don’t want to be running on empty and have the first station you see with a long line of cars waiting.

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