Driving From Canada to Mexico

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Canadians welcome in Mexico

There is a natural draw from Canadians to drive from Canada to Mexico.  So, what do Canadians need to consider before making the trip across both borders into the land of Sun and Relaxation?  How can Canadians prepare themselves properly to ensure a relaxing trip?

Driving from Canada to Mexico: Requirements:

  1.  Passport.  Before you cross into Mexico – make sure you have a valid passport for re-entry to the United States. You can check the status or renew your Canadian Passport here.
  2. Before you cross into Mexico, you must have Mexican Insurance.  Canadians can easily apply for and bind Mexican Insurance (“mexinsurance”) instantly online. Click here for a quick Mexican Insurance quote.
  3. Temporary Visa (FMM). Since 2019, all visitors must apply for and present a temporary visa, also known as a tourist permit, or FMM.
  4. Temporary Vehicle Import Permit (TIP).  Unless you are traveling to the Tourist Free Zones in Mexico, you will need a Temporary Import Permit (TIP). Check the free zone map, and apply online ahead of time. You will need to return this TIP when you exit the country (just as you do your FMM).
  5. Cell phone coverage in Mexico. Check with your carrier for instructions and plan updates. Make sure you can make and receive phone calls while in Mexico.  Related blog post here
Free Zone Map

As long Canadians properly prepare to drive from Canada to Mexico, we are confident you will be safe, and secure on your journey south.® – providing quality Mexican Car and RV Insurance online since 2003. All policies include a comprehensive Tourist Roadside Assistance package with all policies sold.  In addition to the top-notch coverage program specifically for foreigners to Mexico – you will love the rates and quality of service.

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