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Driving Your Diesel to Mexico?

Posted November 1st, 2017  by Charles ·  No Comments

mexican diesel

diesel in Mexico

Thinking of driving your Diesel to Mexico?  If you have a new diesel …one of those gorgeous beasts that push out 480 horsepower and get 24 mpg…do you want to take it to Mexico? I know it’s tempting…the comfort and control, maybe camping in an Airstream along the coast or near the Lake of Chapala?

diesel in mexico

But did you know that Mexican diesel contains the highest sulfur content in the world? When you put that into a new diesel, it can seriously damage your system and most definitely void any warranty.  Don’t drive your diesel to Mexico before knowing reading further…

OK there is a solution:

driving your diesel to Mexico?

diesel warning

We have contacted PEMEX and they have PROMISED to have Ultra Low Sulfur in all station by the end of 2018.

They have provided us this link to offer our clients…this shows where all the diesel stations are currently.

PEMEX Diesel Stations
They have as of this writing upgraded half of the stations in Mexico City, and 200 stations in central Mexico.

Keep an eye out and help us if you can by sending us WHERE YOU FIND IT. You will see signs of the Diesel for (Bajo Azufre) or DUBA (diesel ultra bajo azufre) Low Sulfur.

driving your diesel to Mexico?

diesel in mexico

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