Driver’s License Liability Insurance Policy

The Drivers License Policy from Chubb

The Drivers License Liability Insurance policy provides coverage in any vehicle you drive. If you are looking for Mexican Insurance at a low cost, and don’t require physical damage or theft coverage, this might be the policy for you. It provides the driver(s) named on the policy with liability-only coverage while operating any vehicle, though it doesn’t cover damage to your car or theft. The policy is available for anyone who has a driver’s license as long as the license is not from Mexico.

Special drivers license insurance policy for Mexico provides liability only coverage in any vehicle you operate.

What if Other Drivers Drive Your Car?

A Mexico driver’s license insurance policy attaches to your driver’s license, insuring YOU in any vehicle you drive. Unless the person driving your vehicle is on your driver’s license policy, they will not have coverage while driving your vehicle. Therefore, if you allow other family members or friends who aren’t on your policy to drive your car, they won’t have coverage in case of an accident. If you have other drivers in your car, they need to purchase their own Drivers License policy, or you might be better of purchasing regular Mexican Auto Insurance on the vehicle. Fortunately, our policy for Mexico driver’s license allows for up to three listed drivers as long as those drivers are in the same household (husband, wife, child, etc).

Features of a Drivers License Policy

We offer the Chubb Drivers License Policy which comes with the following features;

  • No Daily or 6-month policies, Annual policies only
  • Coverage throughout Mexico
  • Liability-only coverage. No collision or theft available
  • You may add up to three drivers, that all reside in the same household.
  • Ineligible for Mexican driver’s licenses
  • The policy will cover you while driving an Auto (sedan), SUV, Pick up, Van and Minivan.
  • The policy won’t cover you while driving motorcycles, motorhomes, commercial vehicle, or a vehicle with Mexican plates.
  • Medical expenses for occupants in your vehicle
  • Roadside Assistance which includes towing or medical evacuation if your car is not drivable
  • Legal Assistance which could include attorney fees, court costs and/or bail bond

Reasons to Purchase a Drivers License Policy

Drivers license insurance is an increasingly popular form of coverage for expatriates and frequent visitors to Mexico. Here are some of the reasons why you might need this plan.

  1. You have multiple vehicles that you intend to drive in Mexico and don’t want to buy an annual policy for each vehicle. It, therefore, eliminates the need for separate policies.
  2. The condition or value of the vehicles doesn’t justify insuring them for physical damage or theft coverage
  3. Your vehicles already have physical damage and theft coverage in Mexico under a U.S. or Canadian insurance policy.

Liability Coverage

Our driver’s license liability insurance offers limits ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000. The 3rd party liability covers property damage of others or injuries to people as a result of an accident that is your fault. It doesn’t apply to the occupants of the vehicle you are driving. This coverage also includes roadside assistance, medical payments, and legal assistance. The price of the driver’s license insurance depends on the amount of liability coverage you choose. There are other options that factor, including whether you are towing, have drivers under 21, the age of the car, etc.

Driving in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico can be the trip of a lifetime. From pristine beaches to stunning mountain cities, perfect weather and delicious cuisine, there is a lot to enjoy. For you to legally drive in Mexico, however, including the border areas, you need to have;

There are two ways to insure for Third Party Liability. One is to buy insurance on the vehicle and list additional drivers. This is a standard tourist auto policy that may or may not include theft and collision. The other option is this Driver’s License Policy.

In case the unexpected happens while in Mexico, there is no need to worry. Chubb will be there to help you throughout the entire claims process.

Get a Mexico Drivers License Policy that Fits Your Travel Plans

So, if you’re a couple, expatriate or tourist making numerous trips into Mexico in a single year using different vehicles, this policy is for you. Contact us today or click below for a quick quote on a driver’s license insurance quote to protect you when you drive in Mexico.

Our auto insurance agents will kindly walk you through the process and work with you to suit your unique needs. We offer policies that fit both your budget and the duration of your stay. Call us today or simply fill out the Quick Quote form below to start.