Drivers License Legal and Roadside Assistance

The Drivers License Legal and Roadside Assistance (Chubb) is included automatically with the Drivers License Insurance policy.

Legal Assistance included with Drivers License Policy

Chubb Seguros

Legal Assistance in Case of Suffering Any Type of Crime

In the event the Insured suffers any crime, Chubb will review and help the Insured in processing all accusations. These claims have to be reported to the authorities, and any other required procedures depending on where the alleged crime took place.

Legal Assistance in Case of Property Damage or Bodily Injury Against Third Parties

In case the Insured and/or the Occupants suffer detention or imprisonment in the Mexican jail that result from damages caused to a third party. Incidents that might include bodily injury or property damage, where applicable. Chubb will provide legal assistance with their lawyers to attempt to secure Insured freedom via Administrative and/or Judicial Authorities. If a bond is free the Insured, such bond will not exceed US$30,000 or its equivalent in pesos at the rate exchange published in the Official Federal Journal (Diarlo Oficial de Ia Federacion). Neither Chubb nor Chubb will be responsible of the non-derived damages from the automobile compensation.

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Legal Assistance in Case of Death

In case the Insured’s and/or Occupants death due to any type of violence or an insured car accident, the Company will process all proceedings with the Public Authorities to integrate the investigation, body liberation and delivery of the body to the Insured’s and / or Occupants families.

Automobile Accident Assistance and Legal Defense

Chubb will provide assessment and legal defense to the Insured in case he/she is involved in a car accident which results in legal or criminal responsibility for damages to third parties regarding bodily injury or property damage.

Chubb will guarantee the presence of a lawyer to legally defend and assess the Insured, in any civil or criminal process due to a car accident covered by the insurance policy, since the beginning of the process until a sentence is provided.

Chubb guarantees to:

  • Arrange the release of the Insured and/or Driver in accordance with applicable laws,
  • Perform the necessary procedures for the return of the Insured vehicle, and
  • Guarantee release of the Insured and/or Driver, and the release of the Insured vehicle through bail or bond, up to a maximum of 30,000 US dollars or its equivalent in local currency at the exchange rate published in the Official Federation Gazette on the date of the loss. However, if a bail bond is required to compensate the damages to third parties, the limit of the legal bail bond shall be equal to the sum insured stipulated in our Third Party Liability coverage.

The Chubb shall pay all costs and expenses derived from the insured vehicle driver’s legal defense.

In case of an automobile accident, where the authorities require a guarantee to free the Insured, the Company will present such guarantee through a bond or bail, up to a US$30,000 maximum or its equivalent in pesos at the exchange rate published by the Official Federal Journal (Diario Oficial de Ia Federación). Notwithstanding the above, if a bail is
required to guarantee the damages to a third party, the maximum of the legal bail shall be equivalent to the Automobile Liability coverage mentioned in the insurance policy.

Legal Assistance in Case of Any Type of Accident

If the Insured and/or the Occupants suffered an accident that cause bodily injury, Chubb, through its lawyers will assist the Insured and/or the Occupants or their legal representatives, to make all corresponding legal accusations with the corresponding authorities, such as the Public Ministry, the Local and Federal Police or any other authority to whom it is a duty to inform depending on the accident’s location.

Chubb Drivers License Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance Tow
Roadside Assistance Tow

Basic Roadside Assistance

Regarding the insured vehicle by the policy, The Chubb shall cover the following basic roadside assistance within the Republic of Mexico:

Lockout Service. If the Insured accidentally locks the keys inside the car, the Company shall send a locksmith to open the car up. The parts’ cost to open the car, or to subsequently operate the car, will be the responsibility of the Insured.

Emergency Fuel Service. If the insured vehicle runs out of fuel, Chubb will arrange the necessary fuel to get to the next fuel station, to be delivered to the place where the Insured reports he/she is The cost of the fuel must be paid by the Insured.

Flat Tire Service. Chubb will arrange to have the flat tire replaced with the spare tire of the insured vehicle or have the tire inflated for trip continuation. In case the tire must be replaced, the Insured must have a
spare tire in good condition.

Jumpstart Service. Chubb will send a mechanic or technician to jump-start the automobile. However, Chubb will not be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or any electrical parts, nor systems due to the jump start.

Important Note: The Insured shall be present at the time the service technician is working on the insured vehicle.

Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance with the Drivers License Policy

Roadside Assistance: Towing Service and Service Payment

In case of an automobile accident or mechanical breakdown which causes the car to be inoperable under the Insured’s responsibility. Chubb shall provide and cover the towing service cost to the nearest repair shop within the city or state of the Mexican Republic in which the event takes place up to a US$1,000 limit.

This service does not apply for a rented vehicle from a rental agency in Mexico. In this case, Chubb will only serve as an intermediary between the Insured and the car rental agency to solve the problem.

In all cases, the Insured must be present during the Roadside Assistance required of the vehicle.

The following vehicles are explicitly excluded from the towing service: Vehicles with a 3.5 tons capacity or over

  • Public transportation Vehicles
  • Cargo Vehicles
  • Federal vehicles, taxis, busses and mini-busses
  • Rental vehicles

If the Insured wants to tow the vehicle to another location other than the nearest shop, the maximum afforded to tow limit under this coverage is $1,000 US dollars. It is important to mention that if the cost exceeds the aforementioned limit, the excess will be covered by the Insured. This service shall be only offered within the Mexican Territory.

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