Cultural Attractions of Mexico City

Mexico City Angel of Independence
Mexico City Angel of Independence

Cultural Attractions of Mexico City (D.F.). The D.F. (District Federal) in Mexico is the Capitol of Mexico. Very similar to the Washington D.C. – it is not a state. It is a Federal Entity within the Republic of Mexico where all the Federal power comes from.

In a city of nearly twelve million people covering an area of nearly six hundred square miles, Mexico City has much to offer the world traveler in terms of culture, history, and visual enchantments!  With so much to see and do in this vibrant place, it helps to keep a few must-see attractions in mind.  The subsequent cultural attractions of Mexico City are must-visit on your trip to D.F.!

Centro Historico

As far as cultural attractions in Mexico City, the historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the place from where the Aztecs ruled their empire and where sixteenth-century Spaniards began to build the city it has become today.  The main plaza, or Zocalo, is a popular site of cultural festivals.  When visiting the city center, be sure to see the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Museum and ruins of the Templo Mayor.

Cultural Attractions of Mexico City: Xochimilco

Basilica square of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Mexico city
Basilica square of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Mexico city

Famed for its “floating gardens,” Xochimilco is a southern borough of the city that attracts visitors with its canals.  The area was once a pre-Hispanic city and the canals are what remains of a major lake system. Locals have built artificial islands; both tourists and residents alike enjoy floating on the colorful gondolas to explore the rich flora and fauna of the region.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

The Palace of Fine Arts is the city’s most important cultural attraction.  The recognizable building was completed in 1934 and is world-famous for its murals by Diego Rivera as well as works by artists such as Jose Clemente Orozco and Rufino Tamayo.  The Palacio de Bellas Artes hosts the most notable events in music, dance, opera, theatre, and literature in the country.  Art exhibits by featured artists like Frieda Kahlo are also popular events each year.

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

The most visited museum in the nation, the Museo Nacional de Antropologia is home to Mexico’s most important archaeological and anthropological artifacts.  The extensive collections pay homage to Mexico’s past peoples and cultures.  From Pre-Columbian relics to more modern exhibits that recount the nation’s tumultuous and colorful history, the museum is a must-see destination that showcases Mexico’s dynamic past.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico

The oldest university in the Americas, the National Autonomous University of Mexico was established in 1547.  Today, it is the premier and highest-ranked Spanish-speaking university in the world.  Visitors to the city may enjoy checking out a sports game or special performance or exhibition.  The university and its satellites are an important feature of the city and the research by its diverse staff is famous throughout the world.

Ciudadela Crafts Market

This famous market is full of cultural and traditional offerings from crafts made throughout the country.  If your visit is strictly Mexico City, this is a great place to explore the culture of other regions.  Expect to find stunning examples of Talavera tiles, handmade guitars, rugs, and sombreros!  This is the perfect place to find your souvenirs from your trip to Mexico City.

Certainly, the city offers many other extraordinary venues and attractions.  A wealth of museums, restaurants, markets, and historic landmarks awaits travelers and vacationers alike.  These, of course, are must-see sites, so be sure to include them on your travel itinerary.® – providing quality Mexican Car Insurance online since 2003

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