COVID-19 Mexico Economy and Property Crime

Throughout history, we can see a direct correlation in economic indicators and property crime. Which, if you think about it makes sense. If people are working, occupied, and content as they earn a living they are less inclined to think about taking something that doesn’t belong to them. On the flip side of the coin, someone who can’t find work but has needs and wants, he/she might consider taking what does not belong to them.

According to the FBI and the Dept of Labor, this is more than theory – it’s a fact.

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Property Crime correlates to Unemployment

During our best economic times throughout history we claimed our lowest criminal instance recordings. And conversely you can see as unemployment rises, so does the crimate rate.

How does this relate to Crime and Unemployment in Mexico?

I couldn’t get access to these numbers in Mexico, but if you look at the correlation in the United States, it’s a safe bet that crime will increase in Mexico as a direct result of unemployment, inflation, and economic suffering.

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Be safe and stay healthy.

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