Chihuahua Maps

State Map

Chihuahua State Map
Chihuahua State Map

The Chihuahua State map can help you navigate your trip or plan a trip in advance. If you click the map above you will download it to your local device.

Chihuahua City

Chihuahua City Map
Chihuahua City Map

This city can be a little crowded and hectic but if you download this map above it can make your life easier. Download the Chihuahua City map to your mobile device. With or without the Internet you will be able to find your way in and out of this city.

Driving to Chihuahua from El Paso

  • From the TX-375 Loop East drive 9.5 miles
  • Take the Zaragosa/International Bridge
  • Continue onto S Americas Avenue (signs for Zaragoza Rd)
  • You enter Mexico from S Americas Ave
  • Continue straight for .2 miles over the bridge
  • Take the ramp on the left onto Blvd. Independencia for 3.5 miles
  • Continue onto El Porvenir – Ciudad Juarez for 4.5 miles
  • Keep right to continue on Av Manuel Talamas Camandari for .3 miles and enter the roundabout
  • Take the last exit from the roundabout toward Chihuahua and go for .3 miles
  • Merge onto Chihuahua/Miguel Ahumada/Panamericana/Mexico 45 (toll road) for 71 miles
  • Continue onto Miguel Ahumada – Chihuahua/Mexico 45 D for 52 miles (toll road)
  • Stay on 45/Chihuahua Centro until you arrive (about 4 miles)®  has been providing quality Mexican car insurance since 2003.

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