The Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

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While many know this range as the Sierra Nevada or Snowy Mountain Range, it is officially called the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt and it extends across Mexico for roughly 559 miles.  This volcanic range boasts many peaks that remain snow-covered all year long.  It ranges from west to east from the states of Jalisco to Veracruz…

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The Dahlia

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When Hernan Cortez and the Spanish conquistadors entered the Aztec city Huaxtepec in 1519, they were the first Europeans to view the most impressive of Emperor Montezuma’s botanical gardens. Plants from all over the empire, gifted by noblemen to the emperor’s father and presented with great ceremony, were propagated there for the pleasure of the…

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The Beaches of Oaxaca

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Tourists are becoming more aware of the civil unrest in Mexico and are gravitating to the safer, more peaceful and beaches in the southern part of the country. The south facing beaches that line the Pacific Coast on the Isthmus of Mexico still retain their authentic, small-town charm while offering all of the modern conveniences…

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