Supporting Youth Basketball in Tijuana

Posted August 11th, 2018  by Charles ·  No Comments and the Hoopology Academy teamed up this summer to offer a camp to the children of Tijuana and it was a huge success. Jason Perkins, the founder of Hoopology applied his expertise and passion for the game south of the border this July to the benefit of the Children of Tijuana, Mexico.  Mr. Perkins applies…

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Rosarito Beach Mariachi

Rosarito Beach’s 5th Annual International Mariachi & Folklórico Festival

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Rosarito Beach’s 5th Annual International Mariachi & Folklórico Festival Scheduled from October 1-5, the 2014 International Mariachi & Folklorico Festival is held at the legendary Rosarito Beach Hotel and promises to be a fabulous time for all—performers and visitors alike!  The festival showcases what’s best in mariachi and folklore today.  People travel to the Baja…

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Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride

Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride 2014

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The Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride   The eighty-mile cycling event is a display of fantastic scenery between Rosarito and Ensenada (Baja California) via moderately challenging ride.  Riders cruise along the breathtaking Pacific Coast  The ride this year is scheduled for September 27, 2014   The Bicycle Ride   Riders will peddle anywhere from 2 to 7…

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The Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride

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September 28, 2013 This eighty-mile bicycling event is an extraordinary showcase of the beautiful scenery between these two famous Baja California coastal cities.  Not only will riders veer alongside the breathtaking Pacific Ocean, they will cruise through charming seaside towns and the countryside near the peninsula’s coast.  The ride, scheduled for September 28, 2013, is…

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Ensenada’s Grape Harvest: Festival Fiestas de la Vendima

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August 2-18, 2013 Lasting for much of the month of August, the Festival Fiestas de la Vendima is an Ensenada-based celebration of the grape harvest of nearby Valle de la Guadalupe.  It is a renowned celebration of wine, the regional vineyards, and, of course, Baja gastronomy.  Exhibitions and events like fabulous wine tastings are just…

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Blues Fest in Rosarito

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August 24-26, 2013 The 2nd Annual Baja Blues Fest will be held at the Rosarito Beach Hotel August 24-26, 2013.  The event is sponsored by the Baja Blues Fest Organization and promises to be an unforgettable event.  The music performances on the beach will be complemented by a myriad of vendors, artists, and unique artisans. …

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Ensenada Tierra del Vino 2013

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July 5-7, 2013 Ensenada is located next to some of the best wine country in North America, so it’s not surprising that it is the seat of wine tastings and wine competitions for Baja California.  Nearby Valle de la Guadalupe is home to some of Mexico’s most renowned vineyards and wineries.  This year Ensenada will…

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Ensenada Surfing Holiday

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June 18-21, 2013 Surfing is one of the many reasons vacationers flock to the Baja Peninsula and Pacific coast cities like Ensenada.  Novices to world-class surfers love the wave action off the coast of Baja California and Baja California Sur.  The upcoming Surf Week Celebration in Ensenada is held from June 18-21, 2013 and will…

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Ensenada’s Mountain Bike Championship

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June 9, 2013 Baja California seems designed for mountain bikes and riders who love to kick up dust as they hit the twists and turns of the hilly terrain and uneven tracks.  Challenging yet extraordinarily scenic, the trails of Ensenada and well-designed race courses will bring out the best (and worst) of any biker willing…

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Ensenada’s 6th Annual Blues-Rock Festival 2013

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June 15, 2013 While it’s always easy to find an excuse to drop everything and head down to Ensenada for a sun-filled weekend, the city’s annual Blues-Rock Festival is a particularly attractive time to plan a Mexican getaway.  Ensenada, located in the picturesque state of Baja California, is on the Pacific Ocean and a favorite…

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Rosarito Beach: Father’s Day Celebrations

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June 16, 2013 If you’ve never equated Father’s Day with Rosarito in the gorgeous Mexican state of Baja California, now is the time to start!  The 2013 festivities in Rosarito surrounding Father’s Day are ideal for weekend getaways and sun-filled holidays!  Baja California and the attractions of Rosarito are ideal for dads who love Mexico…

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Mexico International Volleyball Tournament

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June 22-23, 2013 Renowned as the biggest summer volleyball event in all of Mexico, the Mexico International Volleyball Tournament (formerly known as the Estero Beach Volleyball Tournament) will be held June 22-23, 2013 in Rosarito Beach. Rosarito’s summer tournament attracts some of the best beach volleyball players in the world. In fact, it’s been called…

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Ensenada-San Felipe 250 Record Off-Road Race

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June 21-23, 2013 There is no shortage of reasons to visit Baja California this summer, but the Ensenada-San Felipe 250 is certainly one of them! Visiting Baja Norte, Mexico in the summer is filled with adventure and excitement, but the famous off-road races of Baja California are exhilarating for both the racers and the fans!…

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San Felipe Clam Fest

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June 14-16, 2013 Located in northern Baja California, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is an ideal vacation destination with its gorgeous beaches and vibrant holiday atmosphere.  Of course, this sunny coastal locale is renowned for its Spring Break celebrations and myriad of festivals that both locals and tourists look forward to.  Clam…

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Festival del Caballo

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June 9, 2013 The Festival of the Horse is a celebration of horse culture, art, and wine.  In essence, it’s a celebration of Baja California culture and it’s a prominent event that attracts many to the state to enjoy it.  The popular festival takes place in the countryside of Ensenada in the territory of Valle…

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Mexican Navy Day

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Every June 1st Mexicans throughout the nation celebrate Navy Day or as it’s known in Mexico, Dia de la Marina!  Though commemorated throughout the country, Navy Day is particularly celebrated in the nation’s port towns and nowhere does the celebration get livelier than in the cities of the Baja California Peninsula where travelers often visit…

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Tecate SCORE International Off-Road Race (2013)

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More simply known as the Baja 500, the Tecate Score International Off-Road Race draws travelers from around the world to the extraordinary off-roading adventures that take place annually on Baja California terrain.  This part of Mexico, in fact, seems divinely designed for off-roading thrills.  This year’s race will take place from May 31st thru June…

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Baja Wineries Map

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// _// Click here to download the Baja Winery Map (Guadalupe Valley) Guadalupe Valley is home to some of North America’s most renowned vineyards.  Travelers come from far and wide to visit the Baja vineyards and wineries.  The delicious wine produces here is matched only by the spectacular scenery.  When driving to Guadalupe Valley, use…

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Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride

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  Rosarito and Ensenada are both charming Mexican cities in the Baja North state. Even prettier and more interesting is what lies between them: over 50 miles of gorgeous coastline and countryside. Every year a bicycle ride is held between the two cities so that participants can enjoy these wondrous sights from the seats of…

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Baja 1000 (SCORE 1000)

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The Baja 1000, also sometimes known as the Score 1000, is a world-famous off-road race that takes place in Baja Mexico and draws in visitors from around the globe. Because of its close proximity to both the United States border and San Diego, a large number of Americans venture down to take in the action…

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