Baja Surf Map

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// Click HERE to download the BAJA North Surf Map The Baja Peninsula features extraordinary beaches and many of its coastal locales boast some of the finest surfing to be had in North America.  The Baja surf map can help travelers locate prime baja surfing destinations in and around the peninsula’s most exciting vacation cities…

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Punta Perfecta

Posted September 10th, 2012  by Charles ·  Comments Disabled

Located near the southern tip of Baja, in the region known as Baja Sur, Punta Perfecta is a little-known surfing spot that can provide hours of fun on the right day. The best time of year to find the so-called “right day” is summer when the south swells are the strongest. At most other times…

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There are almost too many great surfing spots in Baja Mexico to count. Despite its slightly gruesome name (and even more gruesome nickname), Shipwrecks, also known as Chainsaw Point, consistently holds its own when placed side by side with Mexico’s other surf offerings. It’s a large beach area with a consistent stream of good waves…

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