Ten Reasons to Vacation in the Mexican Riviera

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The Mexican Riviera is located on the west side of the nation and generally encompasses the major cruise ship stops and tourist towns on the Pacific Ocean extending from Ensenada to Salina Cruz.  Major vacation destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, Acapulco, and Mazatlan are some exciting places to visit in the…

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Tecate SCORE International Off-Road Race (2013)

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More simply known as the Baja 500, the Tecate Score International Off-Road Race draws travelers from around the world to the extraordinary off-roading adventures that take place annually on Baja California terrain.  This part of Mexico, in fact, seems divinely designed for off-roading thrills.  This year’s race will take place from May 31st thru June…

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Map of Baja North

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// Click Here to download the Baja North Map The state of Baja California is one of Mexico’s most popular travel destinations.  Visitors to the state can consult the Baja map to locate various cities and regions that famously attract travelers from around the world.  The Baja map will help travelers plan their itineraries with…

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Baja Wineries Map

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// _// Click here to download the Baja Winery Map (Guadalupe Valley) Guadalupe Valley is home to some of North America’s most renowned vineyards.  Travelers come from far and wide to visit the Baja vineyards and wineries.  The delicious wine produces here is matched only by the spectacular scenery.  When driving to Guadalupe Valley, use…

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Tecate Street Map

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// Click here to download your own copy of this Tecate Street Map Click HERE to view the Large Tecate Map

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Tecate Map

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//   Click here to download your own copy of this Tecate Map Click HERE to view the Tecate Street Map As one of Baja California’s most picturesque locales, the mountainous city of Tecate is a favorite destination among travelers crossing the border into Mexico.  Using the Tecate map, drivers can plan their trip and…

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Celebrated Locale of Northern Mexico: Tecate

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Situated in the northwest corner of Baja California, Tecate is a city of 64,764 people and renowned for its various and celebrated attractions.  Even without the beaches that so many of the state’s cities are famous for, Tecate manages to draw many tourists with its own extraordinary charms.  From its world-famous brewery that produces Tecate…

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Baja California: Exploring Tecate

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Located in the northwest corner of the Mexican state of Baja California, the city of Tecate is home to a population of 64,764 people.  It is best known for its brewery that produces the famed Tecate Beer.  Situated in the San Diego-Tijuana metropolitan area, Tecate sits on the U.S. border across from the city of…

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Upcoming Events In Mexico

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Hi everyone, Upcoming events in Mexico – that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! It’s been quite a while in-between posts. I’ve had a few distractions but I’m baaaack! Some of the news regarding Mexico lately hasn’t been good. I’ll leave it to the internet and TV/radio to inform about the murders and drug cartel news, and…

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If You Have A Car Accident In Mexico – Follow These Three Steps

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If you have a car accident in Mexico – follow these three steps: One) Remain calm. Two) Do not leave the scene of the car accident and … Three) Be prepared to report to Quálitas (if you purchase through Mexinsurance) the following information: Who – your info plus the party or parties also involved:             Names/…

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Liability Insurance In Baja Now Required For All Drivers – SOPA

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Liability insurance was once recommended in Baja California, Mexico – now it is the law! All drivers, Mexicans included, MUST have Liability insurance for the vehicles. As of January 1, 2012: OBLIGATORY INSURANCE FOR PERSONAL ACCIDENTS (SOAP)* S seguros O obligatoriors A automobiles P personal  Presentar seguro de responsabilidad civil vigente que ampare los conceptos…

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Bob Goes To Tecate On A Regular Basis

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A friend and client, Bob goes to Tecate on a regular basis. Due to his frequent trips, he opted to get a Passport Card, citing that his regular passport is too big and bulky; the Passport Card is credit card size and fits in his wallet. The process to get it, he said, was similar…

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