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Benefits of Traveling to Mexico for Dental Work

Posted February 5th, 2019  by Ave Polack ·  No Comments

You Can Save Thousands of Dollars There’s a good chance you’ll save as much as 70% on your dental work when you consider traveling to Mexico. For an individual tooth implant with a crown – save over $3,000. Same day root canal? Save $750+. If it’s dentures you’re after, you could save a whopping $1,300….

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Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico: Safe and Inexpensive

Posted October 12th, 2018  by Charles ·  No Comments

Mexican Surgeon Cosmetic surgery in the United States is cost-prohibitive for many Americans. Because procedures associated with aesthetics are usually not covered by medical insurance providers in the U.S., people who want to enjoy everything from breast augmentation to IPL skin treatments must pay out of pocket. Yet, many cosmetic treatments can enhance our lives–the…

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Spa-lendid Baja California

Posted October 13th, 2012  by Michelle ·  2 Comments

Baja California is one of the most scenic and exciting regions of Mexico.  With beaches and oceans of activities, the Baja also boasts some of the country’s most magnificent spas.  If you are looking for a peaceful retreat for rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit, consider Baja California for a relaxing vacation.  The following resorts…

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Adventures in Medical Care in Mexico

Posted September 17th, 2012  by Mexico Mike Nelson ·  No Comments

I have not always been all-knowing and all-seeing. In fact, I was like a lot of people who had a superficial knowledge of Mexico, based on a lot of traveling and living there for a time. Of course, I thought I was an expert on everything. Know anyone like that? To top things off, I…

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Medical Care in Mexico

Posted August 20th, 2012  by Charles ·  1 Comment

Some retirees in Mexico prefer to set aside money each month for future health care needs instead of purchasing health insurance. With the lower cost of medical care in Mexico, they realize a medical savings account can cover expenses as they arise. With first-class medical facilities, equipment, and competent physicians, retirees living south of the border enjoy access to health care at a fraction of the cost in other regions.

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Be cautious if filling prescriptions in Mexico

Posted March 31st, 2009  by Charles ·  1 Comment

I just heard this on Good Morning America: a mom, from here in San Diego, had lost her job… so when she needed migraine pills she took her American-doctor’s prescription to Tijuana to have it filled more cheaply. This wasn’t her first time to go to TJ for medicine, but on this day SHE WAS…

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