Ensenada’s Grape Harvest: Festival Fiestas de la Vendima

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August 2-18, 2013 Lasting for much of the month of August, the Festival Fiestas de la Vendima is an Ensenada-based celebration of the grape harvest of nearby Valle de la Guadalupe.  It is a renowned celebration of wine, the regional vineyards, and, of course, Baja gastronomy.  Exhibitions and events like fabulous wine tastings are just…

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Ensenada Tierra del Vino 2013

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July 5-7, 2013 Ensenada is located next to some of the best wine country in North America, so it’s not surprising that it is the seat of wine tastings and wine competitions for Baja California.  Nearby Valle de la Guadalupe is home to some of Mexico’s most renowned vineyards and wineries.  This year Ensenada will…

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Festival del Caballo

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June 9, 2013 The Festival of the Horse is a celebration of horse culture, art, and wine.  In essence, it’s a celebration of Baja California culture and it’s a prominent event that attracts many to the state to enjoy it.  The popular festival takes place in the countryside of Ensenada in the territory of Valle…

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Baja Wineries Map

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// _// Click here to download the Baja Winery Map (Guadalupe Valley) Guadalupe Valley is home to some of North America’s most renowned vineyards.  Travelers come from far and wide to visit the Baja vineyards and wineries.  The delicious wine produces here is matched only by the spectacular scenery.  When driving to Guadalupe Valley, use…

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Vineyard Tours and Wine Tastings of Baja California

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When it comes to wines of Mexico, the state of Baja California enjoys a celebrated reputation for its world class wines.  Wine experts often liken Baja California’s grape-friendly regions to those of Napa Valley in California.  While the Baja Peninsula is known for a myriad of tourist attractions, its wine lands attract visitors from all over the…

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