Ensenada Surfing Holiday

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June 18-21, 2013 Surfing is one of the many reasons vacationers flock to the Baja Peninsula and Pacific coast cities like Ensenada.  Novices to world-class surfers love the wave action off the coast of Baja California and Baja California Sur.  The upcoming Surf Week Celebration in Ensenada is held from June 18-21, 2013 and will…

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Baja Surf Map

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// Click HERE to download the BAJA North Surf Map The Baja Peninsula features extraordinary beaches and many of its coastal locales boast some of the finest surfing to be had in North America.  The Baja surf map can help travelers locate prime baja surfing destinations in and around the peninsula’s most exciting vacation cities…

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Punta Perfecta

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Located near the southern tip of Baja, in the region known as Baja Sur, Punta Perfecta is a little-known surfing spot that can provide hours of fun on the right day. The best time of year to find the so-called “right day” is summer when the south swells are the strongest. At most other times…

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Just south of Calafia (which is just south of Rosarito itself) is a large white (formerly pink) tower leaning haphazardly to one side. It’s been in a state of disrepair for over two decades, so most people don’t pay much attention to it. Well, these people, especially the surfers among them, are missing out. The…

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Baja Mexico is a favorite area for surfers because of its variety of surfing spots. Each spot is different and suits a different surfing style and skill level. While there are plenty of beaches that work well for beginners, Volcanoes is not one of them. Because of its ferocious and unpredictable waves, it is best…

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If you’ve been to Baja Mexico before, then you are probably aware that it is known for its gorgeous beaches. Many of those beaches – at least the ones not absolutely bogged down with beach-going tourists – are excellent surfing spots. K-38 (or Kilometer 38), located in the northern part of the peninsula is no…

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Isla de Todos Santos

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The Islas de Todos Santos are located on the west side of the Baja Peninsula and offer some of the gnarliest waves in the entire area. And they better since they get their nickname – El Martillo (in English: The Hammer) – from their unnerving ability to batter the unsuspecting surfer into the water. However,…

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La Fonda

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Surfing isn’t all about catching the biggest waves or doing the coolest tricks. In fact, the sport has always been mainly about having fun and chilling with your friends, and that’s exactly what the Baja beach at La Fonda offers – fun times, good-sized waves, and a couple of great restaurants to grab a cheap…

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Playas de Tijuana

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Playas de Tijuana is the first surfing spot that you’ll come to after crossing the United States border and heading down into Mexico. In fact, the border fence actually runs down the Northern part of the beach and into the water. Because it is so close to the border (and thus the surfing mecca of…

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There are almost too many great surfing spots in Baja Mexico to count. Despite its slightly gruesome name (and even more gruesome nickname), Shipwrecks, also known as Chainsaw Point, consistently holds its own when placed side by side with Mexico’s other surf offerings. It’s a large beach area with a consistent stream of good waves…

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Baja Malibu

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The name alone should tell you that Baja Malibu is a killer spot to hang out and to surf at. Likening it to Malibu, California, it has the same sandy beaches, small-town vibe, and spitting swells. It’s quite a bit more northern than some of Baja Mexico’s other premiere surfing spots, but it is well…

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Lighthouse – Punta San Jose

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Punta San Jose, also known locally as Lighthouse, is a dependable surfing spot in North Baja. While it’s not the absolute best surf spot in all of Baja Mexico, it is, like mentioned, very consistent and there are almost always waves breaking on any day of the year. It’s a good “safety” spot for your…

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