Camping Baja

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Camping Baja Mexico Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the many beauties of Baja Mexico. There are so many different places of interest that camping can save you enough money on your trip to enjoy them all. In addition to being cheaper than other forms of lodging, camping in Baja Mexico will give you…

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Camping Baja

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Camping in the Baja Peninsula Although the states of Baja California and Baja California Sur fairly brim with hotels and resorts to suit every budget, many travelers simply prefer to camp in order to immerse themselves the in the beautiful surroundings of the Baja Peninsula. Camping near the coasts allows vacationers to fall asleep to…

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The Sierra Madre Oriental

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Situated in northeastern Mexico on the eastern portion of the Mexican Plateau, the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains span roughly 620 miles.  It ranges through Mexico states of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, Queretaro, and Puebla.  One of the highest peaks of the Sierra Madre Oriental is Cerro San Rafael located in Coahuila;…

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The Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

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While many know this range as the Sierra Nevada or Snowy Mountain Range, it is officially called the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt and it extends across Mexico for roughly 559 miles.  This volcanic range boasts many peaks that remain snow-covered all year long.  It ranges from west to east from the states of Jalisco to Veracruz…

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Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

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Located near Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) in the Mexican state of Sonora, the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve is one of the nation’s most spectacular places to visit.  Its nearly pristine landscape has remained essentially untouched, providing a geological and archeological picture of this ancient volcanic field.  The rugged cones and craters of these extinct and dormant…

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San Felipe

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The Baja Peninsula has an extraordinary array of natural and cultural attractions that are popular with vacationers.  The beauty of the natural landscape, however, coupled with a gorgeous climate makes camping one of the most popular peninsula pastimes.  San Felipe, in particular, is a phenomenal place to camp.  Its fabulous beaches on the Sea of…

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El Cielo Biosphere

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Dubbed as one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets, the cloud forests of El Cielo Biosphere Reserve are truly among the world’s most enchanting places.  Situated just a few hours from the Texas border in the state of Tamaulipas, El Cielo (“Heaven”) beckons visitors with its promise of raw nature and a pristine landscape that is unforgettable…

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Copper Canyon Camping

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Copper Canyon is Mexico’s answer to the Grand Canyon.  A group of six essential canyons in the Sierra Madre in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, the Copper Canyon system is known locally as Barranca del Cobre.  Six rivers formed the canyons that are popular among hikers, campers, and nature lovers from all over the world. …

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Rocky Point Lodging

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The beautiful beach city of Puerto Penasco, known by many as Rocky Point, is one of Mexico’s premiere tourist destinations. It boasts an impressive array of sandy beaches (including one famous for its “Spring Break” parties), numerous shopping and eating areas, plenty of opportunities for boating and fishing, and adventurous outdoor activities including “off-roading” at…

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